“Aldo Spinelli also financed the Democratic Party in the past”

Let’s go back to talking aboutinvestigation-Liguriaof the affair that hit the governor very hard, Giovanni Toti. At the center of the same investigation is the entrepreneur Aldo Spinelli, one of the key figures for the prosecution system of the prosecutors of Genoa and La Spezia. And Spinelli, currently under house arrest, during interrogations this week he had confirmed that he had financed all the parties to some extentin short, not only Giovanni TotiEmma Bonino including”, he said in the barracks.

Not just Emma Bonino, though. Money also for the Democratic Party. And the confirmation – after the evidence that has emerged in recent days – comes directly from the local Democratic Party. In fact, the financing is confirmed Simone D’Angelo, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party in Genoa. “We must be clear: since I have been secretary, that is, since 2021, there has been no signature of Aldo Spinelli to the Democratic Party. We did well to draw a clear and distinct boundary between politics and entrepreneurs. With the same tranquility I can state that Spinelli in 2010 he financed the Democratic Party, but that story is over“, D’Angelo explained during the broadcast First floorbroadcast on the local Ligurian TV TeleNord.

“Era a loan of 25 thousand euros and relating to the electoral campaign subsequently won by the centre-left candidate Claudio Burlando“, continues D’Angelo. “It would be important to be able to have more clarity regarding the funding – he added -: the presidents’ committees, even those nominated by the Democratic Party, have paid funding, but we in turn do not know who they were funded by: it is a limit? I think so”, concludes the piddino. In short, Spinelli’s money also goes to the Democratic Party. Word of the dems.

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