eight cars on fire and fear. Hunt for the fleeing gang

STOP Eight cars set on fire during the night in two fire raids that took place a few minutes apart. First in Fermo and then in Porto Sant’Elpidio….

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STOP Eight cars set on fire during the night in two fire raids that took place a few minutes apart. First in Fermo and then in Porto Sant’Elpidio. The damage toll was heavy, there was a lot of fear but fortunately there were no injuries. It could have been much worse given that the flames reached, in some cases, fixtures and walls of nearby homes, inside which people were initially sleeping unaware of what was happening outside. The fires, caused by arson, occurred around midnight, in rapid succession: first in the capital, in via Lauretana, and then in Porto Sant’Elpidio in via Ancona. But that is not all.

The shot

Shortly before, around 10.20pm, an attempted theft was recorded at the Eli Factory shoe factory in Villa Luciani in Montegranaro, an excellent company that produces footwear for its own sneaker brand and for other luxury brands. At least three hooded bandits in action. One was captured thanks to the collaboration between the company’s private security and the police. The others fled, aided by the darkness of the nearby countryside. Given the temporal sequence of events, the investigators do not exclude a connection between the attempted theft and the burned cars even if other leads are not excluded.

The hypothesis

Among the most plausible hypotheses is that the gang that failed to rob the shoe factory in Montegranaro then set fire to the cars to distract the police and gain an escape route. But investigations are underway to reconstruct what happened in detail, also with the help of all the cameras in the area. But let’s rewind the tape of a rather eventful night in the Fermo area. And we start again from Montegranaro where around 10.20pm the anti-intrusion system of the shoe factory reported the presence of three people with covered faces who were wandering inside the gates of the Eli Factory. But while the three were trying to enter the company, Andrea Croceri, Factory administrator, the security manager and the police arrived. Their arrival took the gang by surprise who attempted to escape by fleeing towards the surrounding countryside. One of the criminals was promptly chased by private security and was stopped by the police. The arrested man is from Puglia. Yesterday afternoon the direct to the court in Fermo. The man was placed under house arrest pending the next hearing. «It’s the third robbery attempt in the last year. All foiled also thanks to an effective alarm system and the diligence of Eli’s security manager” Andrea Croceri said yesterday. The owners of the eight cars damaged in the middle of the night were in shock. All citizens who live a short distance from where the cars were parked. Local people who found themselves, against their will, having to deal with the enormous damage caused by fires for which no one, immediately, can give an explanation given also that there are no connections between the victims of the fires other than the fact to be neighbors. Furthermore, the cars that caught fire were not even all next to each other. In Fermo, in via Lauretana, near the Seminary, a rather rustic area not covered by cameras, five cars parked in front of an apartment building caught fire. Two, owned by husband and wife, were next to each other, the other three were a few dozen meters away and belong to other condominiums. In Porto Sant’Elpidio in via Ancona, a closed road with no exit, two cars were parked close together, the third a little further away and on the other side of the road.


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