Biden distances himself from Israel

Biden distances himself from Israel
Biden distances himself from Israel


The sudden change in attitude of Joe Biden towards the State of Israel is due to two realities that are difficult to digest. The first is that American domestic electoral politics will almost always replace previous commitments and ideas that dictate foreign policy. Second, the Democratic Party is in the throes of a total shift from genuine support for the State of Israel to a more multifaceted approach that sees Israel’s strength as part of the problem, not part of the solution. Joe Biden (and the Democrats around him) see a big problem in the emerging electoral map. There are some key states, notably Michigan and Minnesota, with rabidly anti-Semitic young Arab populations. The only policy these younger voters can support is one that literally throws Israel under the bus of Hamas and Iranian terror.

But without their vote, Democrats could lose Michigan. Now that Florida has become a fully Republican state, the path to the White House for Democrats has narrowed. They are forced to win in Michigan. If Israel needs to suffer in this process, so be it. This is the way of thinking that pervades the Democratic Party today, including it Chuck Schumer, the former pro-Israel Jewish senator who showed his true colors. But in reality, there hasn’t been much change in the Democratic Party since Barack Obama he gave his epic speech in Egypt in which he declared that he intends to bring about great changes in the Middle East. Due to Obama’s policies, the Ayatollahs continue to rule Iran, the civil war in Syria has not been contained, and hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed and immigrated to the West. At the same time, Iran’s proxies continued their massive buildup in Gaza and Lebanon that led to the October 7 debacle in Israel. Joe Biden he is largely surrounded by Barack Obama’s own advisers, and Biden himself has said he speaks with Obama almost every day.

Joe Biden’s betrayal of Israel is shockingbut in reality it is nothing more than a continuation of the Obama policies that have dominated the Democratic Party since 2012. Benjamin Netanyahu meanwhile it is under enormous pressure as the Biden administration has decided to squeeze Israel just when Israel needs the support of its greatest ally. But Netanyahu, more than any other Israeli politician, understands that when more than 70% of the Israeli population firmly believes in a certain path, he actually has no choice but to lead the country according to his will. The Israeli population has actually never been as united as it is today regarding a central security issue. Hamas must be destroyed – once and for all. And the only way to do that is to destroy all organized military activity of Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Netanyahu may not say it out loud, but he understands that Israel will eventually have to resettle Gaza, otherwise Gaza will be resettled and rearmed by the remnants of Hamas.
Netanyahu deserves a lot for staying strong in the face of enormous pressures from within and without. But the strong Jewish people in the State of Israel have made the most important transformation, and the leadership reflects this reality.

The Jews are made to hate themselvessometimes, but it’s true, he said it Montanelliwhich have an edge.

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