“Bridgerton 3”, it’s Polin season!

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton: «Our friendship was fundamental in filming some scenes»

Nicola Coughlan and Luke Newton in the third season of “Bridgerton” Credit: © Liam Daniel/Netflix

Giorgia Belfiore
May 15, 2024 at 2.29pm

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«In this season there is a lot of vulnerability, our characters lay themselves bare and this would not have been possible if we had not been so united, both on and off the set»: speaking Nicholas Coughlan And Luke Newtonprotagonists of Bridgerton 3, who in real life, as well as colleagues, are also great friends. The chemistry between the two is there and it shows. The series is divided into two parts: the first, consisting of four episodes, is available on Netflix starting from May 16, 2024. The second, with four other episodes, from June 13.

On the one hand we see the shy one Penelope Featheringtonon the other the sensitive Colin Bridgerton. The two of them are at the center of the new chapter of the beloved series produced by Shondaland. We can finally say that the long-awaited moment of “Polin” has arrived!

Bridgerton 3: Penelope’s revenge

Diamonds aren’t the only gems that shine, Lady Whistledown knows it well: in Bridgerton 3 it is in fact the invisible Penelope Featherington – who we left heartbroken in the previous season – who takes center stage. «Her journey is an incredible one, from every point of view, from aesthetic to character» said the actress during the press conference to present the new seasonwhich took place in Milan.

«He is a modern character, a business woman, torn between her secret work as a writer and her search for love. She wants to be herself, always and anyway. Many girls can see themselves in her” continued Nicola.

«Penelope – added her interpreter – changes a lot. She manages to do a complete transformation, revolutionizing its aesthetics. At the beginning it is only a superficial change then she must also learn to believe in herself.” But she’s not the only one. Her lifelong friend, Colin, also undergoes an important evolution.

The young Bridgerton, returning from his trip around the world, appears more confident and confident. In reality, however, Luke explained, «nothing is as it seems. Colin encounters many unexpected difficulties. He tries to reconnect with his old friends and his old life. He isn’t always where he wants to be. He lives a rollercoaster of emotions».

Bridgerton season 3: Polin friends or lovers?

In the third season, Penelope’s goal is only one: find a husband. It’s a shame, however, that his attempts fail miserably. Running to her rescue is Colin who, trying to help her since the opening of the wedding seasongets closer and closer to her historic friend, starting to see her in a different light.

In Bridgerton 3 there is no shortage of romantic and… hot scenes! “It wasn’t easy” said Nicola. «At the beginning there’s a scene where we look into his eyes and I have to tell Colin that his eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t stop laughing!». Then he added: «As we continued to shoot we became more professional».

Both for these scenes and the others, Nicola and Luke received advice from their colleagues, as they themselves said. «We received a lot of support and there was a lot of collaboration between all of us» explained Colin’s interpreter. «Everyone was incredibly kind» added Coughlan, who anticipated: «I will do it with the next couple».

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