The Carabinieri of Abbasanta educate the young people of the Ghilarza Scientific High School

The Carabinieri of Abbasanta educate the young people of the Ghilarza Scientific High School
The Carabinieri of Abbasanta educate the young people of the Ghilarza Scientific High School

May 15, 2024 4:40 pm
Pasqualino Trubia

As part of the Carabinieri’s contributions to the formation of the culture of legality, yesterday 14 May 2024, at the headquarters of the “Cacciatori Sardegna” Heliported Carabinieri Squadron of Abbasanta (OR), the Carabinieri Company of Ghilarza organized a meeting with the teachers and students of the 4th and 5th classes of the “Mariano IV” Scientific High School in Ghilarza (OR). The meeting involved around 80 students, who were introduced to the Carabinieri through an institutional informative video. The video illustrated the bicentenary history of the force, its departments, the operational sectors of intervention and the institutional missions both in Italy and abroad.

The officers and military speakers dealt with issues of great institutional interest, focusing on the dangers to which young people are exposed nowadays. The students, curious and attentive, asked numerous questions, demonstrating a keen interest in the widespread distribution of the Carabinieri garrisons across the provincial territory and the functioning of the local stations. The day then continued with a visit to the special department of the Carabinieri Cacciatori di Sardegna, a unit of high operational value of the force, specialized in the search for fugitives even in the most inaccessible areas, thanks to the help of helicopters. One of the moments most awaited by the students was the demonstration of the specialist materials and assets used in search operations and raids, including the anti-drug and anti-explosive dog units.

In the vast open spaces and training areas of the barracks, the Carabinieri carried out demonstrations on the use of vehicles and technological equipment used for territorial control and investigations. Among these, the self-propelled bomb disposal robots for the disposal of explosive devices, remotely piloted drones, cars and motorbikes equipped with the most modern IT and geolocalization devices to guarantee safe and rapid intervention in the event of an emergency, which can be activated via the single number of emergency 112. The meeting was an important opportunity to raise young people’s awareness of the culture of legality and make them aware of the crucial role that the Carabinieri plays in society. The students were able to closely appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the military, better understanding the complex dynamics of public safety and the importance of collaboration between citizens and law enforcement for the construction of a safer and more just society.


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