Liguria investigation, 27 thousand hours of wiretaps. But anyone can say the offending phrases – Il Tempo

Liguria investigation, 27 thousand hours of wiretaps. But anyone can say the offending phrases – Il Tempo
Liguria investigation, 27 thousand hours of wiretaps. But anyone can say the offending phrases – Il Tempo

Rita Cavallaro

May 15, 2024

Three years and eight months, almost 1,340 days and over 27 thousand hours of wiretaps served the magistrates to find elements capable of withstanding, during the electoral period, the precautionary requirements to place the governor of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, under house arrest. A monstrous number of chats, especially with the entrepreneur Aldo Spinelli, which translated into around 150 pages of ordinance, which contains the hottest excerpts, a few, in support of the alleged corruption in exchange for electoral financing, accompanied by the evaluations of the investigating judge who, five months after the request of the prosecutors, found the opportunity to configure the reiteration of the crime, in the imminence of the electoral campaign and the risk that Toti would put into practice the corruption system, never contested in the other four previous electoral appointments, including Policies.

The investigative spotlight has turned on the financing regularly recorded by the governor’s electoral committee but the result, according to the prosecutor’s office, of a quid pro quo, which would have pushed the president to put his public function at the service of private interests. And the fulcrum of the accusations of the Genoese judiciary is all in the words pronounced by Toti and his interlocutors on the telephone or on the boat. Phrases that, when read with a cold mind, make most people startle, because that way of speaking resembles the phrases that ordinary people use every day, on the phone with friends, acquaintances or even just work contacts. Among the statements highly indicative of Toti’s corrupt conduct there is one from 24 August 2022, on the cell phone with Spinelli. «When will you show me this boat? When we see each other, should I ask you for a few things, as usual these days?
For the investigators, this is the pinnacle of that sort of “relationship of correspondence” that the governor would have established with the entrepreneur in the last three months of 2021, when he would have been interested in renewing the concession to the Spinelli group of the Bulk Terminal of Genoa.

A renewal which would be followed by funding which, although required by law and registered as donations, would be the form of payment for favours. And again to Francesco Moncada, of the Esselunga board of directors, who asks «so we are all in the right place, right? We are in the system”, Toti replies “we are aligned on everything”. Demonstrating that the governor would have committed to unblocking two cases pending in the Region and relating to the opening of two sales points in Sestri Ponente and Savona, in exchange for illicit financing in hidden advertising in view of the municipal elections in June 2022.
Linguistic crimes, nothing else, which Toti probably wants to clarify, given that, after having made use of the right not to answer, he asked to be heard. While Spinelli, at the investigating judge, has already said that the governor has not respected his promises. In short, a perfumer rather than a corrupt person.

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