The President of Lazio on Flaminio and Kamada

The president of LazioClaudio Lotitoresumed discussing the Stadium Flaminius after an exclusive interview with us. Talking with, the Biancoceleste manager highlighted the excellence of the project conceived, before clarifying why it has not yet been officially presented to the Municipality. The Biancoceleste patron also expressed his opinion on Daichi’s possible renewal with Lazio Kamada.

These are his words:

On the renewal of Kamada:

“I didn’t talk, I didn’t have time to talk about these things. Now let’s think about finishing the championship, then we’ll think about renewals and new additions. There are two games left, let’s focus on these.”

On the Flaminio:

Contrary to what some people said, I did the preliminary project. I am used to speaking with facts, not with rumors. First of all I’m doing a reconnaissance tour to see if this project has any room for approval. From an architectural point of view I think it has many, it was well seen by everyone, it seems like an extension similar to what Nervi would have done. It is no coincidence that the architects we relied on went to look at the history of the Flaminio and we discovered that there was also a Nervi project for an expansion for the Franchi Stadium in Florence which included technical solutions. The same ones that were then adopted in 1981 by his studio and which included certain extensions. We have retraced the steps as if today he decided to expand the Flaminio. So much so that those who saw it were amazed by the architectural aesthetics. The name? Let’s think about building the stadium, then we’ll see who to register it for“.

“Times? I’m used to speaking with facts, not making plans. I can make a working hypothesis and that’s what I’m doing, then I think there are the conditions to face this type of intervention with serenity, in favor of the city, the history of the club and the neighborhood which is currently in a state of great hardship. Our project leads to a redevelopment of the area, with the maintenance of the architectural impacts, maintaining the style of the Nervi and above all guaranteeing a usable facility, otherwise we will make a monument to the fallen”.

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