After the Lambro, the Seveso also floods, hundreds of firefighters intervene – Radio Senise Centrale

After the Lambro, the Seveso also floods, hundreds of firefighters intervene – Radio Senise Centrale
After the Lambro, the Seveso also floods, hundreds of firefighters intervene – Radio Senise Centrale

In Milan after the Lambro the Seveso also flooded with flooding in the neighborhoods of Niguarda, where Viale Ca’ Granda, Bicocca and Isola are closed to traffic.

Due to the flooding, several public transport lines have been diverted or limited, such as tram 7 which does not operate between Via Fulvio Testi and Piazzale Lagosta, and tram 5 which does not pass between Viale Lunigiana and the Ospedale Maggiore terminus.

Due to the risk of flooding of the Lambro river in Monza, kindergartens and schools in the city center were closed, after having transferred children and pupils to the Municipality or to other structures.

The children from the ‘Centro’ nursery school were accompanied to the Town Hall in Piazza Trento and Trieste, the children from the Umberto nursery school at the Arengario, the pupils from the De Amicis primary school were transferred to the Zucchi high school in Piazza Trento and Trieste. The Bellani and Confalonieri middle schools are also closed, as is the NEI city sports centre.

The firefighters carried out eighty interventions in the Milan area, where flooding occurred and where, for this reason, some bus and tram lines were diverted. Twenty firefighters intervened in the queue. Heavy traffic throughout the city.

In the neighborhood bordered by the Lambro, where streets and squares are flooded, several buildings have been evacuated.

The fire brigade divers with the dinghy recovered a disabled lady who was in the house in Rilke Street, where the water reached one and a half metres, and had to go to hospital for a visit.

The Seveso river lamination tank has also filled up just outside Milan, which has been in operation since 6.30. The municipal Civil Protection operations center has been active since yesterday to monitor river levels and coordinate interventions in the city where the Civil Protection and MM teams are at work, including with water pumps, to monitor the basin and the underpasses.

Meanwhile, the rain continues and the Natural Risk Monitoring Functional Center of the Lombardy Region has confirmed the orange (moderate) criticality warning for hydrogeological risk and hydraulic risk for today too.

There are numerous interventions by the local traffic police and green teams working where trees and branches have fallen.

Above all, the Ponte Lambro neighborhood where the Lambro river flooded was hit. The Seveso basin has so far avoided flooding in the Niguarda, Prato Centenaro and Isola districts but at the moment it is full and, considering the fact that heavy rains are expected throughout the night, the risk of a flood.

The Municipality invites us not to stop in the areas where there is a risk that Seveso and Lambro will flood, in underpasses, under trees, scaffolding, tents or dehors and ask to secure on balconies and terraces all objects and vases that may be moved by rain and wind.

The Monza park was closed due to flooding in several sections. All accesses are closed except viale Cavriga, which remains open only to vehicular traffic. This was announced by the Municipality of Monza. Civil protection is positioning the barriers foreseen by the municipal emergency plan in the city center.

And the tank that protects the Niguarda, Pratocentario and Isola districts of Milan from possible flooding of the Seveso river came into operation at 6.30 am.

The river levels, explains the Councilor for Security and Civil Protection of the Municipality of Milan, Marco Granelli, “increased with the rains during the night”. “Once again this vital work has come into operation and is protecting our city.”

Hundreds of firefighters intervened in Lombardy

Several inconveniences due to heavy rains in Lombardy. Over a hundred interventions by the firefighters to deal with flooding and the removal of plants from roadways, as the firefighters themselves report, in addition to the numerous ones already completed.

Since the early hours of the morning, fire brigade personnel have been mobilized to deal with numerous floods and provide assistance to motorists in difficulty.

One of the most critical situations occurred due to the flooding of the Lambro river, in the Ponte Lambro area, where some homes were evacuated together with a facility for the disabled.

To bring the people involved to safety, the intervention of the diving team’s dinghies was necessary. The provinces most affected by this wave of bad weather are Milan, Varese and Lodi. Fire crews are working to deal with calls for help.


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