Serie B – Bakery Piacenza comes within a shot of the quarterfinals: Jesi wins

Serie B – Bakery Piacenza comes within a shot of the quarterfinals: Jesi wins
Serie B – Bakery Piacenza comes within a shot of the quarterfinals: Jesi wins

Bakery Basket Piacenza presents itself at the PalaTriccoli for the decisive game 5 of the Serie B Nazionale Lnp Old Wild West 2023/24 playoffs against Jesi. The beginning is of the red and white brand, or to be more specific Argentine. Maglietti upsets the defense with his bursts, Rasio is surgical with two bombs, result: 6 points each. But Bakery also defends, forcing their opponents into several turnovers and after just over 6′ of play it’s 6-15 and Jesi timeout when Mastroianni burns the net from the arc. The race is tense, and little by little the locals halve the gap. The gap widens at the start of the second period. Bertocco scores the triple, before scoring in transition as does Zanetti (16-24). Piacenza defends and also fights on the rebound, with Soviero very active in attack. After scoring from long range, Rasio also becomes a factor in the paint with three consecutive baskets of pure strength and will. Mastroianni’s triple and Maglietti’s counterattack expand the visitors’ lead to 22-38, with Jesi forced to suspend the match again 3′ before the break.

When hostilities resumed, Bakery did not stop defending and immediately recovered two balls. In attack, however, he speaks loudly near the basket and collects free throws with Rasio. El Agbani also goes to the line with three free throws, and on his own mistake he recovers the rebound and puts it against the glass. Piacenza returns to +14, with Criconia finding his first points of the evening. Jesi expresses his maximum effort in the middle of the half, when a partial returns to 47-53. The travelers did not give up and Criconia scored a triple to try to contain his opponents. The hosts, however, are in rhythm, and at the end of the half they find the score at 57 all. But still the guard with the clock stopped brings the red and whites ahead at the last short break. The last six hundred seconds are inaugurated by Soviero’s winning cut and Rasio’s penetration which keep his teammates ahead. Jesi hits again at 63, before Maglietti responds with a bomb from the corner. However, the inertia is on the side of the opponents, who find the overtaking at 68-66. In the 36th minute, with a +5 lead, coach Salvemini calls a suspension. The Bakery staggers but doesn’t give up, Mastroianni and Bertocco score points for the 74-70. Captain Mastroianni isn’t up for it and scores from the arc. Bertocco places the ball against the glass which is worth -2 when the last round of hands is missing. After the defensive rebound, the captain again penetrates and wins two free throws: he scores one with 18″ to go. Rasio comes close to the defensive blitz, then begins the most classic of processions from the line which does not reward Piacenza: it ends 81-78.

Jesi Academy-Bakery Piacenza 81-78 (Partials: 12-16, 31-41, 57-59)

Jesi: Varaschin 11, Malatesta ne, Carnevale ne, Bruno 13, Merletto 15, Valentini 6, Rossi 2, Marulli 14, Tiberti 6, Casagrande 14, Castillo ne, Nisi ne. All. Ghizzinardi.

Piacenza: Criconia 10, Bertocco 11, Soviero 4, El Agbani 6, Mastroianni 12, Maglietti 12, Manenti 1, Molinari ne, Zanetti 2, Rasio 20. Coach Salvemini.

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