Bad weather, orange alert goes off in Fvg. Intense rain and thunderstorms on the Carnic plain and Prealps

Given the intense rainfall expected in the next few hours in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Civil Protection has issued a weather warning throughout the region valid from…

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In the face of intense rainfall expected in the next few hours in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Civil Protection will issue theweather warning throughout the region valid from midnight on May 16th to midday the following day, Friday 17th. Twelve hours that will see our region crossed by an Atlantic depression coming from the west and which will activate a flow of humid and unstable southern currents throughout Thursday.

Rail traffic was slowed down due to a fault on the Milan-Trieste line following critical weather conditions today in San Stino di Livenza. The intervention of technicians has been requested to allow the regular resumption of railway circulation for high-speed and regional trains.

Bad weather warning

In the Pordenone and Udine plains and on the coast, the rain will be particularly intense, as well as accompanied by locally strong thunderstorms. Orange alert for these areas, where stormy rains could lead to widespread crisis situations in the minor hydrographic and urban drainage network with the raising of water courses in the plains and in the Livenza, Lemene, Isonzo and Tagliamento basins. Yellow weather warning instead for the mountainous area of ​​the Pre-Alps and that of Trieste, where the hydrogeological criticality should not cause particular inconveniences. Phenomena of instability due to slopes, local traffic interruptions and problems related to gusts of wind during storms cannot be ruled out.

The forecast for tomorrow

During the night and in the morning, stationary rain, including thunderstorms, intense or very intense, is possible, especially on the Pordenone and Udine plains and the Carnic Prealps. The thunderstorms will continue more attenuated and intermittent during the course of the day but will intensify again from late afternoon until the night, when locally strong thunderstorms will be possible, more likely on the plains, coast and Pre-Alps.


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