Sanctuary of the Splendore of Giulianova, extraordinary movement of 4 oil paintings –

GIULIANOVA – Today, at the premises of the Madonna dello Splendore Sanctuary in Giulianova, a extraordinary movement of the four large oil paintings on canvasattributed to the artist, Neapolitan by adoption, Giacomo Farelli (1629-1706), and depicting scenes from the life of Mary (Immaculate Conception, Nativity, Annunciation, Assumption).

The intervention, commissioned by the Seraphic Province “Immaculate Conception” of the Capuchin Friars Minor, was necessary for conservation reasons, and involved the dismantling of the works from the apse walls of the sacristy (affected by humidity phenomena), and the relocation of the four canvases along the nave of the church, which has more suitable microclimatic conditions. These handling operations were carried out byNational Association of Firefighters on Leave (Abruzzo Regional Committee), a voluntary organization that includes a core of specialized personnel on the topic of cultural heritage in emergency, as well as operations at high altitude. The handling phases were coordinated by the art restorer Valentina Muziiunder the supervision of Dr. Antonio David Flower, local art historian official of the ABAP Superintendence for the Provinces of L’Aquila and Teramo. The works, therefore, will from today be preserved in better conditions, and will also be more usable by the faithful, since they are displayed along the nave of the church – Italo Ferrante (Abruzzo Reg. Committee ANVV.FC ODV) –

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