Furious weekend for the Police

Furious weekend for the Police
Furious weekend for the Police

The State Police continue to carry out tight controls aimed at preventing any possible disturbance of public order and safety and aimed, at the same time, at combating any form of illegality in the Verona area.

Over the Easter weekend, the checks carried out by the Police Headquarters and the Specialties led overall to the identification of around 7000 people and the control of 268 vehicles. Furthermore, the Volante officers arrested five young people, in three separate interventions; four people were reported.

The first arrest took place on Friday morning, when Flying Squad officers intervened in Piazzale XXV April following the report by ATV staff of a young man who was resisting the ticket check, repeatedly attacking and threatening the staff. responsible.

The man, who arrived at the station aboard a bus shortly after 7, flatly refused when asked to show his ticket and tried to evade control by forcefully pushing the conductor and attempting to attack him with a fist. Only the intervention of one of the security guards – who got on the bus with the help of the security guards – prevented the criminal from succeeding in his aim, however triggering the reaction of the man who tried, in vain, to attack him too .

At the end of the investigations, the young man – a 29-year-old already known to the police for crimes against property, against the person, the good performance of the Public Administration and in relation to drugs – was arrested for resisting a Public Official. On Saturday morning, following the immediate procedure, the Judge validated the arrest.

On Saturday afternoon, around 3pm, Volanti officers intervened in Piazzale Olimpia following the report of four young people who approached two men sitting on a bench, surrounding them. One of the young people pulled out a gun, pointing it at the victims, asking them to hand over all the money in their possession while the other young people also intimidated the two unfortunates. However, one of the victims managed to contact 113, thus dissuading the young people from the criminal action who left in a group in the direction of Via Sansovino.

A crew from the First Response Operational Units who arrived to assist the police immediately intercepted four young people not far away matching the descriptions of the perpetrators provided by the victims. Near them, hidden inside a garbage bin, the operators also found the weapon used to threaten the victims: it is a toy gun without the red cap, a faithful reproduction of a semi-automatic Beretta 92 pistol.

At the end of the investigations, the officers arrested three young people: two fourteen-year-olds and a fifteen-year-old, all residents of Verona, while the fourth boy present turned out to be a non-attributable thirteen-year-old.

Finally, on Saturday evening, around 8.30pm, the Volanti officers intervened in via Rosmini, near the K2 cinema, following the report received by the Operations Center of a violent argument in progress between a man and a woman.

Once on site, the police immediately separated the two and, after making sure that the woman was okay, they tried to contain the man’s impetuosity. The latter, regardless of the presence of the operators, continued to rail against the woman, uttering abusive and threatening phrases towards her, and attempted, in vain, to approach her. The man, in an evident state of intoxication, then turned his aggression towards the policemen, uttering offensive phrases towards them and trying to punch one of the operators who intervened.

At the end of the investigations, the man – a 28-year-old already known to the police – was arrested for resisting and insulting a public official and sanctioned for being drunk. Yesterday morning, following the immediate procedure, the Judge validated the arrest.

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