Grottolella| Prevention, yesterday free visits to the former nursery school with the breast specialist Iannace and the audiologist Topo

A new afternoon dedicated to pink prevention with Amos Partenio, yesterday Tuesday 2 April, in the municipality of Grottolella. The breast examination clinics stopped at the premises of the former nursery school, where the breast specialist Carlo Iannace and the audiologist Francesco Topo carried out free visits and checks to those who took part in the initiative, numerous as always.

The Amos Partenio association thanks those who took part in the initiative believing in the fundamental value of prevention which saves lives. In particular, thanks go to the mayor Antonio Spiniello and the municipal administration for the hospitality and collaboration now consolidated over the years. A special thank you to the deputy mayor Marco Grossi, to the ladies who prepared a warm welcome and to all the volunteers. For upcoming prevention appointments you can follow the calendar on the Amos Partenio and Amdos Campania Facebook pages.

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