The Lazio Region, at the request of the Councilor for Agriculture and Budget, Giancarlo Righiniis ready to review some programmatic choices adopted by the last regional administration in the context of rural development policies on the topic of animal welfare and in particular on the implementation of the so-called system Classyfarm for livestock farms. This condition, introduced by the Zingaretti Council and activated starting from the current campaign, has, in fact, led to significant operational and procedural difficulties, significantly limiting, among other things, the levels of adherence to the intervention measure relating to the animal welfare (SRA30 intervention of the CSR 2023/27). Important delays and malfunctions due to Classyfarm were also recorded for direct payments of the first pillar of the CAP.

To try to respond to these critical issues, and above all to respond to the requests of companies in the sector, the agriculture management of the Lazio Region, on the recommendation of councilor Righini, has decided to extend until 10 April 2024 the submission of memberships to the aforementioned Classyfarm system by farmers. Furthermore, the possibility of reactivating, for the current 2024 campaign, Measure 14 ‘Animal welfare’ of the PSR 2014/22 of Lazio was defined. In particular, for all interested farmers, there is the opportunity, in conjunction with the presentation of the new unified application for the first and second pillar, expiring on 15 May 2024, to be able to foresee the ‘continuation’ for a further year of commitment, of the measure activated in previous years. The breeder, therefore, can opt to join theSRA30 intervention or, alternatively, to the continuation of the commitments already underway under Measure 14.

«This is an important strategic review of the rural development planning framework in terms of animal welfare, also supported by a significant economic effort taking into account that the impact of this intervention is estimated in the order of 20 million euros. A necessary measure that demonstrates the Region’s attention to supporting one of the strategic but seriously suffering sectors, such as the livestock sector”, explains the Councilor for Budget and Agriculture Giancarlo Righini. Finally, the definition of the AGEA procedure for the payment of the balances relating to Measure 14 ‘Animal Welfare’ for the 2023 campaign should be highlighted. In fact, lists have been prepared and sent for payment for approximately 6 million euros of aid which will be paid in the next days approximately 670 farmerslargely operating in the dairy cattle sector, for which payments had been suspended.

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