regional agency 397.24 Emiliano to meet with specialist doctors from the Uniba polyclinic

regional agency 397.24 Emiliano to meet with specialist doctors from the Uniba polyclinic
regional agency 397.24 Emiliano to meet with specialist doctors from the Uniba polyclinic

(AGENPARL) – Rome, 3 April 2024

The president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano and the councilor
Regional Health Officer, Rocco Palese participated this morning
in the Aula Magna “G. De Benedictis” of the University School of Medicine
of the Bari Aldo Moro studies at the meeting with the 300 new doctors in
training enrolled in the first year of area specialization schools
“This is a fundamental moment for them, but also for the Puglia Region
– declared Emiliano – who contributes, outside of his own
skills, to finance specialization grants that express the
symbol of the choices made by medical students. For example, me
I hope that the number of residents in Emergency and Emergency Medicine will increase
Rescue, or Anesthesia and Resuscitation. I realize that these are a lot of choices
complex also from a psychological point of view, but you have to insist a lot
so that young doctors have the feeling and awareness anyway
to be protected by a system that allows them to work.
The Puglia Region financed the Faculty of Medicine of Taranto and
Lecce and has authorized the private university LUM which is added to the
active faculties in the Polyclinic of Bari and in the Polyclinic of Foggia. A
set of actions aimed at the future, and which it seeks to do
specialize graduates in Puglia, to prevent them from being retained
in other regions. A policy that helps healthcare and also helps
maintenance of the Apulian population: thanks to the synergy between the
Government and the Puglia Region the number of specialization places is
increased and may increase further.
If necessary – concluded Emiliano – the Puglia Region is ready to
finance all the specialization schools that will be requested from us
also in such a way as to attract doctors from other regions, with the hope that
then they can continue to work with us.”
For the regional health councilor Rocco Palese “it is necessary
synergy between the Region and the University for the strengthening of
health professions, especially doctors. These residents
they are a great asset for our region, which invests heavily in
of them: because in addition to national scholarships there are scholarships
financed entirely by the Region. We are betting on them and hoping a lot
in them”.
“I hope that Puglia becomes attractive – added the rector
of the University of Bari Stefano Bronzini – if we too as a university,
together with the other institutions, we will be able to create centers of attractiveness
which mean jobs. Also for this reason, at this moment
Uniba is pouring everything it achieved with the PNRR into businesses
territorial. Four and a half million tenders will be launched
will pour into the territory and I hope that this research idea becomes a
fulcrum for retaining young people. It’s an issue that doesn’t just concern
healthcare, but it is much broader within our region.”
“It’s an important day – said the general director of
Policlinico di Bari Antonio Sanguedolce – because they come into service approximately
300 colleagues from specialization schools. Path
training of residents is important, the doctors we meet today
have the opportunity to train in a large university hospital
level. As a management we are also listening to their requests and suggestions
I hope they can choose to continue spending their skills here
even at the end of specialist training”, concluded the director
general of the Polyclinic of Bari, Antonio Sanguedolce.
The president of the School also spoke at the ceremony
Medicine and Surgery prof. Alessandro Dell’Erba, the director of
Department of Health Promotion of the Puglia Vito Region
Montanaro, and the Doctors in Training representative Carlo De Matteis.
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