The Golden Lion of Venice goes to the president of Caffè Toraldo, Angelo Simonetti

The Golden Lion of Venice goes to the president of Caffè Toraldo, Angelo Simonetti
The Golden Lion of Venice goes to the president of Caffè Toraldo, Angelo Simonetti

The Venice International Grand Prix awarded to Angelo Simonetti the Golden Lionin recognition of his professional merits, at the Veneto Region building. This award, established in 1947, celebrates excellence in the arts and entrepreneurship that has contributed to the development of our country, also honoring illustrious figures from the world of sport, culture, science and entertainment.

“For me it was a pleasure to reward Angelo Simonetti, owner of an ever-growing historic brand”this is how he commented on the awarding of the prize Vincenzo Schiavo, president of Confesercenti Campania and member of the technical committee of the Venice Grand Prix: “His exceptional entrepreneurial activity must be an example for everyone: in a difficult area he made his coffee one of the first in the world. Thanks to his intuition, the great quality of Neapolitan and Italian coffee is present in many countries around the world.”

Angelo Simonetti is an entrepreneur and founder of the Caffè Toraldo company, born in Naples in 1968 in a small place in the Rione Sanità. Together with their brothers Mario and Giuseppe and their mother Maddalena Toraldo, they started the business, with a small roasting plant where they could serve good coffee or buy the blend to prepare it at home. Thanks to its unique ability to innovate, the company established itself as a point of reference in the bar sector, becoming the most consumed coffee in the bars of Naples and soon conquering the national market. Today, in its fourth generation, Caffè Toraldo is a consolidated reality in Italy and abroad, with new distribution channels in the domestic market.

About the award, Angelo Simonetti comment: “I am truly honored to receive this award of international importance, surrounded by such high level excellence. I would like to thank everyone for this recognition and add that, together with my family, we will continue to carry forward our company with the same commitment and dedication as always, for over 50 years, respecting values ​​and excellence, constantly seeking improvement to reach new goals”.

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