IEEE Bans 1972 Playboy Photo: Can No Longer Be Used for Digital Image Processing

IEEE Bans 1972 Playboy Photo: Can No Longer Be Used for Digital Image Processing
IEEE Bans 1972 Playboy Photo: Can No Longer Be Used for Digital Image Processing

More than as a model and bunny Playboy, Lena Forsn will go down in history for having accompanied hundreds of scientific papers published from the seventies to the nineties about image and video compression. She was chosen, in fact, by Alexander Sawchukone of the members of the team that developed the image compression format Jpeg at the Joint Photographic Experts Group, as a demonstration in the document in which he illustrated the compression capabilities of the new format.

The photo, in fact, lent itself particularly well to the operation because the richness of the details and the mix of lights that distinguished it represented the ideal compromise for the first image compression tests. Sawchuk had used only a part of the original photo, omitting the most scandalous details (Forsn was completely naked in that shot), attaching in his document a portion of 512×512 pixels with the model’s face, her shoulder and a hat.

Sawchuk’s documentation became so famous, and so quickly traveled around the world, that in the following years Lena Forsn’s photo became a point of reference among image compression technicians and the world of photo and video reproduction (also Mpeg). Many other tests used it as a benchmark and for this reason you’re starting to appear in lots of technical documentation.

But this will no longer happen beyond April, at least as far as disclosures of theIEEEwhich from now on has it expressly prohibited. The IEEE, acronym for “Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers” (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), an international, non-profit professional organization dedicated to the advancement of technology related to electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information technology, and related disciplines. This organization offers a wide range of resources for professionals, including scientific articles, conferences, technical standards, publications and educational programs. Organization matters more than 400,000 members in over 160 countries and plays a significant role in developing and promoting innovative technologies that influence a wide range of industries, from wireless communication to cybersecurity, from sustainable energy to industrial automation and much more.

“I’m very proud of that photo” Forsn said in an interview a few years ago. “But I have retired from the catwalks for a long time now, and perhaps the time has come for me to retire from the tech world too”.

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