Live Tennis today, Cobolli-Kotov on the court in the ATP Marrakech LIVE

Live Tennis today, Cobolli-Kotov on the court in the ATP Marrakech LIVE
Live Tennis today, Cobolli-Kotov on the court in the ATP Marrakech LIVE


Cobolli-Kotov, let’s go

The second match of the day begins on central court with the Russian serving.


Cobolli and Kotov on the pitch

The two players make their entrance onto the central court. Now the ritual warm-up and then we start with the second match of the day.


ATP Marrakech, now it’s Flavio Cobolli’s turn

Having archived Sonego’s success, it is now Cobolli’s turn: the 2001 class, n.63 ATP and eighth seed of the tournament, will challenge the Russian Pavel Kotov, n.68 in the world rankings, on the central court. We leave no earlier than 3.45pm.


Sonego: “Happy for the qualification. Nagal is a tough opponent”

The words of Lorenzo Sonego at the end of the match against Nagal: “Sumit is a very difficult opponent to face, very difficult in the first set. In the second set something changed: I tried to be more aggressive and I served very well. I’m really happy to have reached the quarter-finals. Marrakesh? Beautiful city and it’s wonderful to play in these conditions and in this atmosphere with so many Italians in the stands. I hope to qualify for the next round“.


Sonego beats Nagal and flies to the quarterfinals!

The blue ends the game at zero and secures the pass for the next round: comeback completed for the Piedmontese who wins 1-6, 6-3, 6-4 after two hours and 21′ of the match.


Sonego-Nagal 5-4, break for the blue!

Thrilling game for Lorenzo who goes down 40-15. Two errors from the Indian bring the game to the advantage, where Sonego manages to prevail on the third break point. The Piedmontese will now serve to qualify for the quarter-finals.


Sonego-Nagal 4-4

The Indian quickly rises to 40-15 but the Piedmontese does well to cancel two break points. With the advantages, Lorenzo wins on the third chance.


Sonego-Nagal 3-4

The Indian responds in the same way: game at zero and a new lead in the match.


Sonego-Nagal 3-3

Lorenzo keeps the game scoreless: parity re-established.


Sonego-Nagal 2-3

The Piedmontese goes 40-0 down, cancels the first two balls but can’t do anything on the third. The Indian continues to be very solid at bat.


Sonego-Nagal 2-2

The Piedmontese immediately equalized the scores by coming back from 15-30 and closing the game in his favor with an excellent short ball.


Sonego-Nagal 1-2

The Indian gets back ahead in the score and in the end manages to get the upper hand in a very hard-fought game.


Great shot by Sonego!

Extraordinary shot from Sonego who once again exalts the audience present: he attacks with the forehand and finds the line in an incredible way.


Sonego-Nagal 1-1

With a serve and volley Sonego wins the first game. Well now the blue has had an important reaction after the first set.


Sonego-Nagal 0-1

The third and decisive set starts well and Nagal holds the service turn.


Sonego wins the second set!

The Turin tennis player was once again impeccable on serve, winning the second set 6-3. Everything will be decided in the third set.


Sonego-Nagal 5-3

Nagal holds serve but now Sonego will serve to take home the set and bring the match to the third.


Sonego-Nagal 5-2

Sonego holds the serve well and this is what mainly makes the difference. Break now for the blue.


Sonego-Nagal 4-2

Nagal holds the serve and doesn’t give up and stays in the wake.


Sonego-Nagal 4-1

Great turn of service for Sonego who is now master of the pitch and the game.


Sonego-Nagal 3-1

Break by Sonego who is playing a totally different match in this second set. Nagal misses the smash and hands the game to the blue.


What a point from Sonego!

Sonego wins the best point of the match with a lob and a backhand volley that made everyone present rejoice.


Sonego-Nagal 2-1

New advantage for the blue who holds serve and takes the lead again in this second set.


Sonego-Nagal 1-1

Sonego’s backhand return is still good with Nagal managing the serve well and bringing the score back to parity.


Sonego’s reaction!

Lorenzo Sonego started well in this second set, author of a good turn of serve.


Nagal wins the first set!

Sonego hits the forehand once again and gives success to Nagal who wins the first set 6-1. Lots of difficulties for the blue with 31 points won to 16 in favor of the Indian.


Sonego-Nagal 1-5

Sonego finally breaks free and wins the first point of the match. Now Nagal will serve for the match.


Sonego-Nagal 0-5

Sonego’s forehand is still wide and opens the way to the fifth game out of five won by Nagal.


Sonego-Nagal 0-4

Nagal is putting Sonego in serious trouble. The Indian is more incisive and precise than the Italian who continues to be in difficulty.


Sonego-Nagal 0-3

The Indian serves well and manages to recover from 15-40 to consolidate the lead.


Sonego-Nagal 0-2

A start to forget for Sonego who makes another mistake with his forehand and after just six minutes he gives his opponent the break.


Sonego-Nagal 0-1

The Indian started off very well, winning the first point with an ace and then also taking home the game, keeping serve at zero.


Sonego-Nagal, off to the race!

The challenge between Lorenzo Sonego and Sumit Nagal begins.

1:00 pm

Sonego-Nagal, everything ready for the start of the match

Sonego and Nagal are on the pitch and finishing the warm-up. All ready for the start of the match!


Sonego-Nagal, where to watch the match

The challenge between Lorenzo Sonego and Sumit Nagal will be visible in live on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport Tennis. The match will also be available in live streaming on the NOW and SkyGo platforms. There direct text will also be available on website of the Corriere dello Sport-Stadio.


Sonego-Nagal, the precedents

It won’t be an unprecedented challenge between Sonego And Nagal who faced each other just a few weeks ago in Dubai. In that case the blue won easily, winning 3-0. In Marrakech the Indian came from behind to beat the Frenchman Moutet with a score of 4-6. 6-3, 6-2.


I’m the first to take the field

Lorenzo Sonego will open the program of the second day. The Italian debuts in the tournament, challenging the Indian Nagal, after the bye of the 1st round.

Marrakech – Morocco

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