Energy: Baker Hughes will provide Snam with “hydrogen-ready” technology to support the decarbonisation and resilience of the Italian gas network

Energy: Baker Hughes will provide Snam with “hydrogen-ready” technology to support the decarbonisation and resilience of the Italian gas network
Energy: Baker Hughes will provide Snam with “hydrogen-ready” technology to support the decarbonisation and resilience of the Italian gas network

Baker Hughes, a technology company serving energy and industry, announced today that it has been awarded an order by Snam to be accounted for in the first quarter of 2024, through which it will supply three compression trains powered by NovaLT™12 gas turbines for a new gas compression station in Sulmona (Italy).

The plant is an integral part of the Adriatica Line, a Snam pipe gas transportation project, the first phase of which was included in the review of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) conducted with a view to the REPowerEU plan and was therefore recognized as suitable to receive funding. The Adriatic Line involves the construction of a 425 km long “hydrogen-ready” gas pipeline to allow the transport of additional energy supplies from Azerbaijan, Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean region to Northern Europe.

The adoption of the Baker Hughes NovaLT™12 turbines, which offer the possibility of operating with 100% natural gas or hydrogen blends up to 10%, represents a significant milestone in the decarbonisation path of the Italian gas network and aligns with the strategy of Snam to achieve carbon neutrality on direct emissions by 2040.
The contract, awarded to Baker Hughes following a public tender, follows a long-standing collaboration between the two companies, which led to the successful testing in 2020 of the world’s first “hybrid” hydrogen turbine designed to a gas network, and the installation of a NovaLT™12 turbine at Snam’s compressor station in Istrana (TV) in November 2022.
The aim of the initiative is to continue testing the compatibility of existing gas infrastructure with the use of hydrogen, preparing it for the transport of a molecule that will play a key role in the energy transition.

The new plant in Sulmona will be the 14th compression station along the Italian gas transport network, with the function of pushing the gas and transporting it through the pipelines to the various consumption points in the country, and is part of the strategic consolidation of the infrastructure of the country’s gas to increase its resilience, support energy security and enable the energy transition.

“This further milestone in our long-standing collaboration with Snam is indicative of how the energy transition is strengthening relationships with customers. Together we are innovating and creating important innovations worldwide for the decarbonization of the gas network” said Alessandro Bresciani, senior vice president of the Climate Technology Solutions division of Baker Hughes. “Working collaboratively with customers and partners is part of our commitment to develop innovative technology solutions, such as the NovaLT™12 turbine, that enable the decarbonization of energy ecosystems and the creation of the hydrogen economy, while continuing to support the needs of a safe and accessible supply.”

In January 2024, Baker Hughes provided updates on some of its most significant hydrogen projects, including the opening of a new hydrogen test center in Florence; completing production and testing of its NovaLT™16 hydrogen turbines for Air Products’ zero-emission hydrogen energy complex in Edmonton, Canada; and advancements in another major Air Products hydrogen project, with the delivery of the first two trains of advanced hydrogen compression solutions for the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia, the largest green hydrogen project in the world.

Baker Hughes’ advanced technologies and solutions serve the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to transportation and use. The company’s experience in hydrogen projects dates back to the early 1900s, and its portfolio includes advanced compressors, gas turbines, valves, centrifugal pumps, non-metallic piping, hydrogen sensors, monitoring and diagnostics including inspection solutions for hydrogen embrittlement in production and storage, as well as clean energy solutions to produce energy with hydrogen and hydrogen blends.

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