Reggio Calabria, the Chibaní Award to the Fuoco family

Reggio Calabria, the Chibaní Award to the Fuoco family
Reggio Calabria, the Chibaní Award to the Fuoco family

The room of the È Hotel in Reggio Calabria embraced a family that has given so much to the regional territory, bringing a son of Calabria, Antonio Fuoco, to very high levels.

Great satisfaction from the Hermesja association, founder of the recognition, who thanked everyone present as follows:

A heartfelt thank you to the Fuoco family who attended Reggio Calabria to collect the Chibanì Award, this year presented by the Tunisian consul SE Khaled Fekik representing their nation.

We have seen first-hand, despite the kilometers of distance that divide us, the joy of the students of Kebili and Douz, who will be the beneficiaries of the project promoted by Hermesja which involves the multimedia set-up of various classrooms in two high schools in the two towns immersed in the sand of the great Sahara desert.

Our thanks go to the people present who had the pleasure of sharing the day with a wonderful family and two racing champions but above all champions in life.

Emotions were not lacking with the memory of the two heads of the family, Gabriele Fuoco and Mohamed Chibanì, united by the same love for the family both during their lifetime and still today, through the proud gaze of their respective children.

The Hermesja association – in conclusion – thanks the only institutional representative present in the room, Giovanni Latella, a man of great empathy and great sense of soul.

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