Agenas analysis in FVG. Bolzonello: “Correct the fragmentation of the facilities and the under-use of resources”

by Endrius Salvalaggio

The first data has arrived from the analysis commissioned to the Agency last July to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of regional healthcare. For the president of the Health commission “we can already say that the healthcare system in Fvg is good and has as its strong point good activity regarding high and medium complexity, what we need to correct are the fragmentations and the under-use of resources”. THE DOCUMENT

03 APR – It is a clear picture that, for the president of the Third Council Commission, Carlo Bolzonello, emerges from the data that Agenas – Friuli Venezia Giulia provided before Easter through a study commissioned by the Region on the basis, explains Bolzonello, “of a two-year assignment with the Agency created with the aim of highlighting the real health problems in our region, eliminating from the field every ideology and policy that does not give a correct interpretation of the problem, but rather plays on the belly of the people”.

“From the beginning of the mandate – continues Bolzonello – we thought that there had to be urgent interventions to be made in the healthcare sector such as the redistribution of resources directly to companies, avoiding a whole series of discussions on various funds that have existed for almost twenty years, which caused inequalities . Now with the same staff and activities, with the new ratio the resources are the same for all employees. On the waiting lists we have tried to give an initial response by investing with the first 10 million euros and from July 2023 we have given a mandate to the Agenas – Friuli Venezia Giulia agency for an investigation into what is wrong at a regional level in health terms as well as photograph the state of fact”.

President Bolzonello then offers a reading of this first analysis provided by Agenas: “They tell us that we are still a good region on a healthcare level due to medium and high complexity, but in some ways we are stuck with an overly fragmented system which leads, for example, to surgical activity in operating rooms with a number of operations that are underutilized compared to what that we could actually do. The suggestion that these data give us is to remove the fragmentation of some facilities and to consolidate what we have more and better, starting with structures and personnel”.

“Now the technicians and professionals are meeting little by little to discuss, based on the first data provided, how to invest in adequate corrective measures in a new reorganization made both by political choices and by sharing them with health professionals. We are collecting the first opinions and the first ‘yes’ from the experts”, concludes Bolzonello

Endrius Salvalaggio

03 April 2024
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