Lazio, you have to get up. Super Fiorentina is on Sunday, but…

Lazio, you have to get up. Super Fiorentina is on Sunday, but…
Lazio, you have to get up. Super Fiorentina is on Sunday, but…

Sunday 14 January, a nice internal poker against Lecce and a playoff spot never in question. Good football, players on point, united and compact team. This was the picture that took shape in the house Lazio almost three months ago, but from then on a total collapse, from all points of view. The troop of Marco Alboni has just returned from a period that to call it difficult is an understatement, with just 1 victory in the last 7, the one gained against the Ternana. A roster that not only made the Biancocelesti slip into 4th position, but which above all reopened the fight for the playoffs in a more than sensational way. With 4 days left in the regular season the situation appears rather worrying, with 4th place – currently still in Alboni’s hands – certainly not safe.


To date, considering that the Romesecond, travels quickly in search of theEmpoli who have a 6 point advantage but also 2 more games than the Gallorossi (who for their part have secured at least the third step of the podium with a +12 on their cousins), it will remain to be seen how the playoff picture of the Group will end C. While waiting for Sunday’s races, the situation is as follows.

4th Lazio – 31 points (20 games played)
5th Palermo – 30 points (20 matches played)
6th Frosinone – 30 points (19 matches played)*
7th Bari – 28 points (21 races played)
8th Salernitana – 26 points (20 races played)

The asterisk of Frosinone it is related to the match at home Rome which will be played next Wednesday at 3.00 pm and which could determine the playoff race in an almost decisive way. Referring to the regulations, we remind you that 4th place certainly guarantees access to the playoffs; as regards the 5th position, it will be necessary compare Group C with Group A where, at the moment, Genoa has 36 points, therefore 5 more than Lazio. This means that, most likely, the last slot that will complete the playoff picture will come from Group C, one more reason to try in every way to finish fourth without having to do too many calculations.

Marco Alboni, Lazio coach (Photo ©Cervera)

There will be a Sunday at the Green Club Lazio-Fiorentina thrilling, with the Tuscan leaders who can boast a team of the highest level – it is no coincidence that they were vice champions of Italy last season, where they were only beaten by Roma – but not impossible to surprise. If there is a Marco Alboni on the bench, obviously… Lazio has it, but now more than ever it will be necessary to throw your heart over the obstacle. The Biancocelesti have everything it takes to raise their heads again, lift themselves out of the mud and fly towards the Scudetto dream, but a lot will also come from this match against Viola.

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