Giuseppe Ghidotti died in an accident in Miami, his friend with him was seriously injured

Urgnano. “We must go and not stop until we get there. Where? I don’t know, but we have to go.”. One of the sentences contained in the cult novel ‘On the Road’, written by Jack Kerouac, could very well summarize the philosophy of life that animated the young spirit of Giuseppe Ghidotti and friend Kevin Dragoboth eager to travel and discover the world.

Raised in Urgnano and “lifelong friends”, those who know them assure, they had met during one of their trips to Barcelona. An experience that must have united them even more, because some time later they decided to cross the borders of Europe together and fly overseas: destination Miami, Florida.

Kevin Drago and Giuseppe Ghidotti in a photo taken a few years ago

Giuseppe, 28 years old, had found work in the construction field to support himself and finance new trips. “He installed glass panels on buildings, so he told me the last time we spoke by message – he says Maurizio Foresti, former colleague at Imequadri Duestelle in Urgnano -. He quit a couple of years ago. We were very sorry because he was a good guy, but we couldn’t keep him locked up within these four walls.” He left in November last year. “But he already had plans to go to Mexico and Colombia, so he told me.”

Kevin, 31, had instead found work as a house painter. The latest job in a long series: during one of his trips to Australia he had picked fruit and vegetables in the fields, while in South America he had worked as a waiter in restaurants. A free spirit, a nomadic attitude that had convinced him to leave Bergamo for the first time about ten years ago.

The news of the accident and the call from the Consulate

The American dream of Giuseppe Ghidotti, ‘Ghido’ to his friends, was unfortunately shattered due to a serious road accident which involved him on Easter Monday. He died at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where Kevin was also admitted and operated on, apparently in very serious conditions. Information on the dynamics is still awaited from America, information that arrives slowly and with a dropper.

What is known is that Giuseppe, as a matter of habit, sent a message to his mother every evening Alda; message that was unusually long in coming on Sunday. Instead, a first phone call would arrive from the USA informing the Drago family of the accident; officially confirmed by the Consulate only on Monday afternoon around 5.30pm, as the parish priest explains Don Stefano Bonazziin close contact with Giuseppe’s father, Alexanderchurch organist in Urgnano and Cologno al Serio.

From what we learn, Giuseppe’s and Kevin’s family members should leave for Florida in the next few hours.

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