«I had reported the danger of the unsafe farmhouse» La Nuova Sardegna

«I had reported the danger of the unsafe farmhouse» La Nuova Sardegna
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Nuoro «I reported it several times that this house was frequented by boys. Which was dangerous. We can see them very well, from the oratory, we are here in front.” Don Stefano Paba he is the parish priest of San Domenico Savio. He rushed to the hill of tragedy on Monday night, then yesterday morning, in a back and forth filled with pain. And not only. «The problem is that this area urgently needs essential works to be carried out. It’s dark here at night, this little street doesn’t have a pavement, there are no safety conditions for all the traffic that goes between the church, the gym where ten different types of sports are offered, and the oratory.”

And then, the hill with the ruined farmhouse. No boundaries, fences or signs indicating private property. But signs are not plentiful. For example, this strip of dirt road full of potholes has been Via San Domenico Savio since 2015, but no plaque indicates it. According to some, in the past the land on which the house stands was delimited with concrete poles and a fence. The house itself was at the center of some intervention to discourage entry: some windows on the ground floor are walled up with blocks. But the passage of time, considering that it has been abandoned for decades, and neglect have prevailed. And so it was vandalized, until it became a place for drug addicts. Or for the kids who chose it as a place to be without being disturbed. There would also have been some dry stone walls around the land, demolished to make room for the road. However, no one restored them, and one has to wonder who should have done it.

«It’s true that we received reports in the street about the lack of lighting. But, for example, this road is not even included in the urban plan. And actually not even the other one, the asphalted one.” Mayor Andrea Soddu underlines this: «The parish priest told us about the lighting, about the lack of pavement. We are thinking about how to intervene”, says Soddu again. Which, however, on the ruin of not “having had indications”.

Among the many people who yesterday morning started a sort of pilgrimage to the place where Patryk and Ythan died, there are also volunteers from the oratory. «We are afraid that something will happen if this road is not made safe. Not only is it not lit, but the cars are racing. And here there are hundreds of children and young people who necessarily have to travel along it to get to via Badu ‘e Carros or other areas”, reiterated one of the volunteers, adding: “I would not want another tragedy to be necessary to make the road safe. street. As happened with the ruin.” What will become of the ruined house will be known at the end of the investigation. For now it is subject to seizure, and further checks will be necessary before anything can be thought of. To demolish it, perhaps.

Yesterday again the firefighters, coordinated by the official Francesco Giordano, worked around the area. They have made several findings at the request of the deputy prosecutor in charge of the investigation, and have not yet concluded. The dangerousness of the building led the investigating magistrate to authorize the movement of the bodies of the two boys before he even arrived. A precautionary measure, taking into account the possibility that other collapses could occur and put the lives of the operators themselves at risk. The investigations will perhaps be able to give some indication of the future stability of those walls, but they will hardly explain why the collapse occurred. External events, such as rain, may also have played a role. But it is a dangerous field, that of hypotheses. The reality is that unfortunately the collapse occurred and it cost two young lives.(yes.if.)


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