Pd, fire eve: the councilors’ either/or, but Gengaro resists. The Italian Left is studying the move

Pd, fire eve: the councilors’ either/or, but Gengaro resists. The Italian Left is studying the move
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It’s a fiery eve in the house of the dem in view of the match on the wide field in via Tagliamento this evening. There is an increasingly wall to wall between the leadership of the Irpinia Democratic Party and the Schlein minority which sees the name of Antonio Gengaro in the field as a possible candidate for mayor.

After the postponement requested and obtained by the Italian Left on the sidelines of the Good Friday meeting – a useful time to request a verification between the local and national levels of the party -, the discussion returns after five days of Easter stasis peppered with interlocutions at multiple levels, having on the table the smoking gun of the very harsh document signed by the PD councilors at the Palazzo di città.

After a first public intervention, two weeks ago, to ask to “have the voice we deserve” in the debate on the identification of the candidate for mayor, claiming the five years of work carried out among the opposition benches at Palazzo di Città, the councilors led by Ettore Iacovacci return to the point, with a decisive political step. A real either/or not only at the head of the Nazarene, but also in Naples, ending with regional councilor Maurizio Petracca, delegate for the party at the progressive alliance table.

A final call aimed at avoiding «a possible division of our party» – write Iacovacci, Marietta and Nicola Giordano, Luca Cipriano, Gennaro Cesa and Franco Russo -, a circumstance which would see contrast «a clear majority position on one side and a meager minority on the other side”, is the gauntlet. “A laceration – they write – which must be avoided at all costs.” A clear claim of the electoral weight, therefore of the consensus, embodied by the representatives in the assembly. Hence the indication to group leader Ettore Iacovacci to fully represent this position at tomorrow’s meeting.

Also the protagonist of a social “backlash” towards the doctor. Franco Russo, guilty of having provided controversial statements to the Corriere dell’Irpinia with respect to the document – albeit in favor of unity – and at the same time spending words of praise towards Gengaro, defined as “a good candidate, worthy of him for his political history” .

«A petty behavior – Iacovacci attacks him – evidently induced by some alleged puppeteer who he decided to obey. I would just like to underline that that document, as Russo knows very well, is not against anyone. Neither against Antonio Gengaro nor against Nello Pizza. It is a document for the Democratic Party and for the city” specifies the group leader. But the conflict remains.

Skirmishes compared to what could happen in the next few hours: only on Friday Petracca had taken on the responsibility of bringing both Gengaro’s name and that of the secretary Pizza to the table, as a final test of mediation between the parties.

And this is in fact the interpretation that the Aldo Moro club wanted to give to the passing of the councillors, trying to throw water on the fire with a note. Petracca has always represented the entire party at the table, they write, where at the same time the result of the primaries that gored Elly Schlein is vindicated. A dualism, that between Gengaro and Pizza, which the councilors seem to want to sweep away.

An option that the Italian Left could also reach, putting a third name on the table. On the other hand, a request for verification between the national leaders with a broad perspective, also including the 5 Star Movement, which is firm on Gengaro’s name, cannot be ruled out.

The Italian Left which today followed up an intense discussion between its leaders, without prejudice to its unavailability to support the Democratic Party’s binomial. The discussion remains absolutely open, another adjourned meeting is scheduled for 5pm, before the summit with the allies.

The next few hours will determine what margin for mediation there still is between the parties. Inside and outside the Democratic Party.

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