April 3rd is Gronchi Rosa day… what is it?

April 3rd is Gronchi Rosa day… what is it?
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The “Gronchi Rosa” is a famous Italian stamp issued on 3 April 1961. Its history is particular and interesting for stamp collectors and philatelic enthusiasts. The stamp, intended to commemorate the visit of the President of the Italian Republic, Giovanni Gronchi, to Peru, became famous due to a printing error.

The nominal value of the stamp was 205 lire, and featured a pink profile image of President Gronchi. However, shortly after issuance, it was discovered that the geographic borders of Peru depicted on the stamp were incorrect. This error led to the withdrawal of the stamp from the post office and its replacement with a correct version, green in color and with the correct borders, issued a few days later.

The Gronchi Rosa thus became a highly sought after collector’s item due to its rarity and the history linked to its mistake. Its valuation on the philatelic market can vary greatly depending on the condition of the stamp and its rarity.

The price varies greatly, but is in the order of around one thousand euros for the new stamp with the gum intact and around five hundred euros for the stamps without the gum which come from the postage of the envelopes intercepted and covered with gray 205. A complete sheet is worth 18,000 euros.

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