April 3, almanac of the day

April 3, almanac of the day
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It happened today, the almanac of the day: the historical and political facts, who was born and who left us

Historical events

503 BC – According to the Fasti triumphales, the Roman consul Publius Postumius Tubertus gives an ovation to celebrate a victory against the Sabines.
33 – Probable date of the crucifixion and death of Jesus of Nazareth.
686 – Mayan king Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ is crowned ruler of Calakmul.
1043 – Edward the Confessor is crowned King of England.
1077 – The ecclesiastical Principality of Aquileia is established, a direct fiefdom of the Holy Roman Empire and under the control of Sigeard of Beilstein.
1282 – The city of Naro, in the context of the Sicilian Vespers, frees itself from French domination following the killing of the governor and all the soldiers guarding the castle.
1569 – The seminary of Albenga is established by Bishop Carlo Cicada, together with the college and high schools that allow access to the University.
1815 – Austro-Neapolitan War: the Neapolitan army of Gioacchino Murat conquers Bologna and then defeats the Austrian army commanded by Federico Bianchi in the Battle of Panaro.
1860 – USA: First run of the Pony Express from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California (completed April 13).
1865 – The capital of the Confederate States of America is moved from Richmond, Virginia, captured by enemy forces, to Danville.
1883 – Jesse James is killed by Robert Ford.
1885 – Gottlieb Daimler patents the design of his internal combustion engine in Germany.
1896 – The first issue of La Gazzetta dello Sport is published, born from the merger of “Il cyclist” and “La tripletta”.
1922 – Stalin becomes general secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1929 – The Cunard Line’s RMS Queen Mary is ordered.
1936 – Richard Bruno Hauptmann is executed for the kidnapping and killing of the son of flight pioneer Charles Lindbergh.
1942 – World War II: Japanese forces begin assault on US-Philippine-controlled Bataan Peninsula (Bataan falls on April 9).
1946 – Japanese General Masaharu Homma is executed outside Manila, Philippines for leading the Bataan Death March.
1948 – US President Harry Truman signs the Marshall Plan which authorizes $5 billion in aid to sixteen countries.
1955 – The American Civil Liberties Union announces that it will defend the writer Allen Ginsberg accused of obscenity for the book Scream.
1956 – Michigan: The western Lower Peninsula is struck by a violent F5 Fujita-scale tornado. 40 people die.
1961 – To celebrate President Giovanni Gronchi’s next trip to Latin America, the famous pink Gronchi stamp is released.
1968 – Martin Luther King gives his famous Mountaintop Speech.
1969 – Vietnam War: United States Secretary of Defense Melvin Robert Laird announces the beginning of the political strategy known as “Vietnamization”.
1973 – Martin Cooper makes the first phone call with a portable cell phone.
1974 – One hundred and forty-eight tornadoes hit thirteen different American states in 26 hours, a record phenomenon in the history of meteorology. The toll is 315 dead and almost 5,500 injured.
1975 – Chess player Bobby Fischer gives up playing against Anatoly Karpov, leaving the title to him.
1996 – A US Air Force plane carrying Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes in Croatia: all 35 occupants of the plane die.
1997 – Algeria: 52 of the 53 inhabitants of the village of Thalit are slaughtered by Islamic guerrillas. The houses of the inhabitants are subsequently burned.
2000 – Bill Gates’ Microsoft is accused of violating US antitrust laws for having occupied a position of pre-eminence over the competition.
2003 – Iraq War: during the night US forces belonging to the 3rd Infantry Division attack Baghdad airport.
Italy: MOSE project approved to protect Venice from high water.
2004 – Some Islamic terrorists involved in the attacks of 11 March 2004 in Madrid, surrounded by the police, take their own lives in their apartment.
2009 – The Nintendo DSi is released.
2010 – Apple begins sales of the iPad in the United States.
2013 – 99 people die in floods in La Plata and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
2016 – the 100th Tour of Flanders takes place (however established in 1913)
2017 – Islamic fundamentalist terrorist attack in St. Petersburg (Russia), claimed by ISIS.

Saints of today

Saints Chrestus and Pappus martyrs, martyrs
Saint John I of Naples, bishop
Saint Joseph the Hymnographer, monk in Constantinople
Saint Luigi Scrosoppi, priest
Saint Nicetas of Medikion, hegumen
Saint Richard of Chichester, bishop, protector of coachmen
Saint Sixtus I, pope
Saint Ulpian of Tyre, martyr
Blessed Ezekiel Huerta Gutiérrez and Salvatore Huerta Gutiérrez, lay people and martyrs
Blessed Francisco Solís Pedrajas, priest and martyr
Blessed Gandolfo Sacchi, Franciscan
Blessed Giovanni da Penna San Giovanni
Blessed John of Jesus and Mary (Juan Otazua y Madariaga), martyr
Blessed Lorenzo Pak Chwi-deuk, martyr
Blessed Maria Teresa Casini, founder of the Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Blessed Piotr Edward Dankowski, priest and martyr
Blessed Robert Middleton and Thurston Hunt, martyrs

Born on April 3rd

Alec Baldwin (1958)
Miguel Bosé (1956)
Marlon Brando (1924)
Alcide De Gasperi (1881)
Doris Day (1922)
Daniel Defoe (1660)

Died on April 3

Cesare Maldini (2016)
Maurizio Mosca (2010)
Jesse James (1882)

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