Who was Hysni Qestaj, «Dj Style Q», who died in a burning Ferrari in Vercelli

He had been playing all night at the Jukebox in Sion, Switzerland, Hysni Qestaj, known by all as “Dj Style Q”. He is the owner of the white Ferrari GT C4 which caught fire on Easter Sunday on the Turin-Aosta road. Even if the results of the DNA test are awaited, it is now certain that he was driving the car traveling towards Aosta. In the passenger seat of the 40-year-old DJ, a Kosovo Albanian naturalized Swiss and resident in Villeneuve, in the Canton of Vaud, a woman, who also died following the accident and has not yet been identified. However, one thing is certain: the woman who died together with the Kosovar DJ was not his wife. Because Hysni Qestaj’s wife is not in Italy but she is in Kosovo, together with the couple’s children aged 11 and 14 respectively.

A very well known artist which was called in every part of the world. Among its fixed stops as well as Albania and Switzerland also Germany but also America. Described by his brother Agim as “the most loving person I know”, the man spoke of “a wonderful and positive brother. But if I had to describe him in one word, I would say that he was the most loving person I knew.” It was he who confirmed that the other brother, who lives in Italy, had been summoned yesterday by the Settimo Torinese traffic police to recognize the body. Even though the Vercelli Prosecutor’s Office has already requested DNA testing on the remains of the two victims.

The Municipality of Junik, where Qestaj was originally from, wanted to remember him with a post. The DJ, well known among hip pop music lovers, was originally from the city of Kosovo but had studied and worked in Switzerland for some time.
«Bad news for Junik – wrote the local administration -. In a serious road accident, our compatriot Hysni Qestaj died. The mayor of the city Sir Ruzhdi Shehu and all the citizens of Junik share the grief with the family of the deceased. May the deceased always be remembered with respect and love.”

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