Storm over the prize awarded to the photo of Shani Louk’s body: “Shame and disgust”

Storm over the prize awarded to the photo of Shani Louk’s body: “Shame and disgust”
Storm over the prize awarded to the photo of Shani Louk’s body: “Shame and disgust”

Few images have been able to tell the bestiality of Hamas and the tragedy of 7 October like the shot of the tortured body of Shani Louk thrown into the back of a pick-up truck and surrounded by Palestinian terrorists who then paraded him in Gaza as a trophy. The photograph was included in the collection ofAssociated Press awarded in the “Team Picture Story of the Year” category by Reynolds Journalism Institute from the University of Missouri. This is a decision that has sparked a wave of controversy.

The author of the shot, the collaborator of Ap and Palestinian freelance reporter Ali Mahmudwas in fact accused by Israel of being embedded with Hamas and that he had known in advance about the terrorists’ plan for the Blood Shabbat, which would have allowed him and his other colleagues to photograph terrible scenes and sell their products to various international mediaincluding also CNN And Reuters. Ali Mahmud has always denied: “The shots woke me up, I found the breach open, I went out”. There is an ongoing case against him.

After the award was announced, the curators posted the photo on the website and Instagram page of the Reynolds Journalism Institute, quickly receiving an endless series of negative comments. The indignation quickly spread around the internet and the news was relaunched on X, where users expressed their indignation. “We are disgusted and shocked that a photo depicting Hamas terrorists with the half-naked corpse of German-Israeli Shani Louk was awarded an award”, wrote the Jewish European Congress. “The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute must really think that Jewish lives don’t matter. Their prize is outrageous profanation of Jewish life,” another user added. The post announcing the victory of Ali Mahmud’s shot has in the meantime been removed from Rji’s Instagram profile.

Shani’s father also intervened in the midst of the storm, Nissim Louk, who expressed the opposite opinion to that of the many furious users. “I’m happy that the shot was selected and awarded. It is one of the most important images of the last 50 years. Image capable of shape human memory. It weighs like that of the Jewish child with his hands raised or the paratroopers at the Wailing Wall“, he has declared. “It symbolizes an era. This documentation by Shani and the video by Noa Argamani taken away on a motorcycle are the symbols of that tragedy. In 100 years, those who look at them will know what happened here.

Everyone will immediately say this was Shani”.

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