Horoscope for today, Tuesday 13 February 2024

Horoscope for today, Tuesday 13 February 2024
Horoscope for today, Tuesday 13 February 2024

Choose your sign and find out what your day will be like:


Mars, the planet of action, begins a favorable transit today for Aries natives. Your protective planet makes you very independent. However, there is the risk of appearing a little detached. One person in particular will think that you are not the same and will resent it.


From this Tuesday, a delicate astral condition linked to Mars, the energetic planet, begins for you. The star makes you very rigid in certain mental paths. There is a need to be more flexible, to show others that you can cope with any interpersonal situation.


Starting today, a beneficial influence of Mars, the planet of energy, has begun for your Air sign. You are quite original in your way of doing things. A person you work with will notice this and will know how to highlight your skills.


Mars, the planet symbolizing determination, will have transit – through the sign of Cancer – in the house linked to sexuality from the eve of Valentine’s Day. Certain upheavals that had made your life too busy in recent weeks come to an end and there is greater serenity.


Your day, for you belonging to this Fire sign, is characterized by an uncomfortable position of Mars, the planet of energy. The star is even opposite your sign and makes you too arrogant. Especially at work, there is a need to recover humility.


For Virgo, Mars – the planet symbolizing determination – takes place in the astrological house of feelings. Both risks and opportunities open up. Try to lead the change, without undergoing it. You are considered, from today, a little unpredictable. Communicate honestly what you think.


From this Tuesday, the star of action, Mars, appears in a favorable aspect for the sign of Libra. You will be able to show your intelligence in a quiet way, without exaggerating. There will be moments of beautiful appreciation from your bosses. Even in love, you are seen as wise.


The astral position of your planetary ruler, or Mars, is particularly difficult, starting from the day considered lucky for your sign. You’re a little unpredictable. Although some may appreciate this trait of yours, those who already love you will be suspicious.


For you Sagittarius, a favorable influence of the planet Mars, symbol of determination, is felt this Tuesday. Your wisdom does not go unnoticed by someone who until now had not shown great signs of interest. The wind is changing on the eve of Valentine’s Day!


Mars, the planet symbol of energy, is currently in the House of material goods for those who belong to the sign of Capricorn. This astral change starts today. It puts your economic balance on the line a bit. Don’t be distracted if they make offers to you.


The beginning of a favorable transit of Mars, for you belonging to the sign of Aquarius, takes place starting today. A few things change. Thanks to your perspicacity, you will be able to dominate a phenomenon that others only suffer. Your loved one admires you even more.


For your water sign, Mars, the planet of strength, manifests itself today in the House of the Unconscious. Don’t be opinionated. We need to listen to others too, to understand if they have ideas that we have missed… Are you sure you are keeping your ears open?

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