The release of two Hamas hostages

The release of two Hamas hostages
The release of two Hamas hostages

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The very good one to make our dinners less peaceful. on Trump’s words. Today’s Foglio spoke of necessity. That is, political decisions that derive not from the selection of various options and the composition of different interests but from the state of affairs and the obligations it determines. Before us (but not much before) applies to Israel, then it applies to us Europeans, And look, all this is not an alternative to international politics, to negotiations, to mediations, but it is a condition for being able to try your hand at all those beautiful things, which can only be accessed from positions of strength.

The three main “things”.

Fact #1

The army of Israel with a For the Israeli government and military leaders, armed pressure on Gaza is necessary and to support the negotiation (see above, same arguments) While some European governments, today the English minister David Cameron being particularly energetic, increase the intensity of the requests for the interruption of military operations by Israel. With the Netherlands essential for the Israeli military.

And there are those who, instead, try to keep faith with the reality of the facts. And he does so by putting his own life at risk, with a sensational initiative in the heart of the Iranian obscurantist power (always for his work).

Fact #2

In the majority for the confusing negotiations with the farmers, after the attempt to centralize everything at Palazzo Chigi and with the authority of Giorgia Meloni remained somewhat pending. Now the fear is that too many talks will begin and compensations and improvements that are not compatible with the state budget and political expediency will be promised.

Fact #3 (there are also those who choose the high school dear to the Ministry of Business).

Today in a nutshell

  • without fears for Chinese security and property. It wants to offer proof of lucidity and, one might say, youthfulness. Everything is needed and neither excellent economic results nor having guided the USA and Western interests very effectively are enough.

  • The opposition is organized along the Conte-Landini axis (and the Democratic Party is a bit to the side).

  • We need more male and female workers (

  • Provoking against science is dangerous, Aureliano Stingi. And then (which should be an obligation for journalists).

  • The life of

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