Fatal accident in the Municipality of Aprilia: the devastating collision occurred in via del Genio Civile, with a young woman suffering the worst

An autopsy will most likely be carried out on the body of the young 33-year-old Teresa Raso, who died following the accident which occurred shortly before 4pm on February 10th, in Via del Genio Civile, in Aprilia. A terrible collision between a Toyota Yaris driven by a 27-year-old and a Ford Fiesta driven by the 33-year-old woman who, returning from the Latina Fiori shopping centre, where she worked, had the worst of it and died on the road.

The alcohol and narcotic tests on the 27-year-old young man, of Romanian origin but resident in Aprilia, hospitalized under code red at Santa Maria Goretti in Latina, gave negative results, in addition to the fact that the boy, whose conditions appeared more serious , was discharged from the Pontine hospital with a prognosis of 30 days. In any case, the risk of criminal proceedings for vehicular homicide still hangs over him, considering the possibility that he was going too fast on an asphalt made unsafe by the pouring rain that day.

The very violent impact between the two cars occurred not far from the curve that leads onto the SS Pontina, a place that has already seen several accidents: the Yaris, under incessant rain, taking an inexplicable trajectory, hit the Fiesta on the right side, causing it to end up in the drainage ditch at the side of the road. Unfortunately, for the 33-year-old woman, who lived in La Gogna, there was nothing that could be done.

On site, in addition to the 118 health workers, also the local police officers of Aprilia and the Polstrada who began investigations to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident. The Fire Brigade, however, physically extracted Teresa Raso from her car, having to break the dashboard and doors of the car.

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