menus for children at controlled prices in farmhouses –

Anti-inflation pact at the table on a farm with menus dedicated to children at controlled prices, favoring the authenticity of the dishes with attention not only to pleasantness but also and above all to respect for nutritional balance, through the application of basic notions on correct eating styles and the nutritional values ​​of the main food products offered, taking into account the underlying principles of the Mediterranean diet. This is the news Coldiretti Pugliawith the farmhouses in the regional Campagna Amica network who are joining the initiative launched by the Ministries of Business and Made in Italy and of Agriculture, together with the Ministries of Health and Tourism and with the Department for Family Policies at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Specific activities are promoted to enhance the Italian catering and agritourism sector, an extraordinary vehicle for knowledge and promotion of Made in Italy and the regional and territorial variety of typical dishes, encouraging consumption by families, especially the larger ones who, in a period of persistent inflationary pressures, have had to review their consumption habits with repercussions also on the propensity to use restaurants and farmhouses, places emblematic of good Italian living.

“Our battle to guarantee dignity and a fair income to farmers, opening the doors to consumers with attention to the nutrition of the younger generations, is fully reflected in an initiative which is based on the valorisation of the quality of the products that grow in the fields and in the stables”he claims Antonio Baselice, president of Terranostra Puglia to which the Campagna Amica farmhouses adhere, underlining that “the Mediterranean diet was classified as the best diet in the world in 2024 ahead of Dash and Mind, with extra virgin olive oil recommended by paediatricians since weaning of children but it is under attack from the effects of climate change and the explosion of costs of production”, Baselice insists.

To help the entire school system and families to better feed the young generations and the entire family unit, for years the Friendly Countryside Education Project has facilitated the meeting between children and agricultural products ‘made’ by farmers. In Puglia over the last ten years, 200 thousand children and 480 schools have been involved in the project in agritourisms and educational farms, of which 70% in the age group between 4 and 11 years, from nursery to primary school and 30% older middle and high school students.

The project for sustainable development and food education concerns agricultural teaching lessons at school, with the need to guarantee at the same time that in school canteens meals prepared with local agricultural products at Km0 are served to students, when more than one Apulian out of four (28%) have a negative assessment of the meals served in school canteens where it is estimated that 90 million are consumed per year by 585,000 students, in compulsory school meals alone.

The objective is cultural: to attempt to change incorrect consumption habits that have spread everywhere, training aware consumers on the principles of healthy eating and product seasonality. A clear majority of 71% of parents believe that canteens should offer the healthiest foods to educate the new generations about nutrition while only 12% believe that the dishes they like best should be served.

Tuesday 13 February 2024


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