Alessandra Matteuzzi murder: sentence expected today. Giovanni Padovani to the judges: “I have to pay, but I wasn’t in my senses. If you don’t believe me, give me life imprisonment.”

BOLOGNA The sentence is expected on Monday 12 February Giovanni Padovani28-year-old former footballer who killed his ex-partner on the evening of 23 August 2022 in Bologna, Alessandra Matteuzzi56 years old, under the woman’s house, in via dell’Arcoveggio, with hammer blows, kicks, punches and with a bench taken from the condominium garden.

“If what I did,” the defendant told the court, “you think is the work of a normal, non-sick person, then give me a life sentence. Today we have all lost, it is a disgrace, and if I have to pay I ask and expect to be in prison every day of my life. I wasn’t normal, Alessandra’s death is too heavy a burden to carry, more than a life sentence. A normal person doesn’t do what I did, but I felt bad. Do justice because Giovanni Padovani must pay, but keep in mind that it wasn’t me at that moment….”. Padovani spoke like this for the first time in the courtroom before the council chamber: “What I did was horrible, now I understand it. I was sick at the time.”

the process

Feminicide Matteuzzi, the defense: “Emotional storm, Padovani needs treatment”

by Giuseppe Baldessarro

January 23, 2024

The process

Matteuzzi femicide. The prosecutor: “Life sentence for Giovanni Padovani guilty beyond any doubt. He didn’t just kill, he wanted to erase his beauty.”

January 12, 2024



Before dying, Alessandra Matteuzzi had reported him for stalking. The charge is multiple murder aggravated by premeditation, futile motives, emotional bond and stalking. The Deputy Prosecutor represents the Prosecutor’s Office Lucia Russo and the pm Francesca Rago who, together with the civil parties, requested a life sentence for Padovani. Alessandra Matteuzzi died due to the multiplicity and severity of the fractures to her head. Lesions in the chest were also detected during the examination. The cause of death, identified by the medical examiner Guido Pellettitechnically it was a hemorrhage due to the skull being crushed.


Femicide Alessandra Matteuzzi: hater offended the victim, now compensates the family to avoid trial

by Maria Elena Gottarelli

January 26, 2024







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