Giovanni Barreca, who is the bricklayer who killed his wife and two children (sparing his third daughter). The neighbors: «He seemed diabolical»

Giovanni Barreca, who is the bricklayer who killed his wife and two children (sparing his third daughter). The neighbors: «He seemed diabolical»
Giovanni Barreca, who is the bricklayer who killed his wife and two children (sparing his third daughter). The neighbors: «He seemed diabolical»

«Giovanni Barreca he seemed diabolical to me, I was afraid of him. He spoke of the devil, once he turned off the light of a Madonna I had in my garden, because she said that only God existed.” Pascal Ballof, ‘s neighbor, says so Antonella Salamonemurdered together with her children aged 5 and 16 in the house in Altavilla Milicia (Palermo), a massacre for which Barreca, husband and father of the victims, is under investigation.

Giovanni Barreca, who he was

«I wanted to free them from demons», This is what Giuseppe Barreca said this morning after the carabinieri entered the house where the massacre took place. Under interrogation, in the Bagheria barracks, there are a couple of Barreca’s friends who may have played a role in the triple crime, inspiring the murderer to carry out the gesture, which apparently dates back 36 hours ago, to save himself from Satan .

Giovanni Barreca “often argued” with his wife “but we didn’t think this could happen”. For some time the two “had frequented an evangelist community, they cared a lot about it”. But “he wasn’t violent.” Thus Salvina Licata and Elisabetta Cassano, respectively aunt and grandmother of Antonella Salamone, the woman killed by her husband in Altavilla Milicia (Palermo) and whose body has not yet been found.

Giovanni Barreca kills his wife Antonella Salamone and two children: «They were possessed by Satan». The trail of the sect. The woman’s body was found charred

“I felt like hell in that house all my life.” So she lets off steam by raising her voice at the police in front of the gate of the house in Altavilla Milicia (Palermo) where Antonella Salamone and her two children, a neighbor of the couple, were murdered. The woman speaks to the investigators, her house is located a few meters from the horror villa where the Carabinieri RIS are carrying out investigations. “The children didn’t have books, is it possible that no one from the school reported this inconvenience?”, says the woman.


The man was a true religious fanatic and often mentioned in his FB profile Roberto Amatulli, a self-proclaimed evangelical pastor, healer and exorcist hairdresser from Bari who claimed to be able to chase away the devil. Amatulli, who said he could cure serious illnesses and invited faithful patients not to resort to doctors, was involved some time ago in an investigation by Le Iene. Barreca was a believer in the Evangelical Church, which in the province of Palermo has several religious communities which, assures the mayor of Altavilla Pino Virga, “live their worship with sobriety and without excesses”.


The police arrived at the house of horrors after the killer called. In the house this morning they found the couple’s 17-year-old daughter who – it is not yet clear why – was spared from the murderous fury of her father. The girl was in shock, dazed but it is not clear whether she was drugged. The triple murder dates back to Friday, about 36 hours ago. The remains of Antonella Salamone’s body have been found. The charred remains they had been buried under a mound of earth near the couple’s home in Altavilla Milicia.


«Antonella Salamone told me that her husband, Giovanni Barreca, beat her. She wasn’t happy here, she wanted to return to Novara. She was a kind person. I thought perhaps that Antonella would leave her husband one day and not that she would end up like this.” Pascale Ballof, neighbor and friend of the murdered woman, says it, together with her sons Kevin and Emanuel, in the horror house.


«For Giovanni Barreca, cats were the devil, he wrote to me in a message received on his mobile phone. I love cats, I have seventy in my house. I was scared for my animals.” Pascale Ballof says it again. The woman, of German origins, who lives in Palermo, rushed to her house in Altavilla after hearing about the tragedy this morning. When the woman arrived she found the door of her house forced open. «The police told me that they entered my house last night because they heard moans, but it was my cat in heat – says the woman – I found a disaster inside the house. They even rummaged through the litter boxes, fifteen cats escaped and can no longer be found. They also checked inside the freezer and became suspicious because they found a frozen cat. It was the Palermo Zooprophylactic Institute that asked me to do some tests and I explained to them that I can prove it with documents.” The woman complained about the damage suffered in her house. “They told me they will be repaired,” she adds. In the garden of her house the woman has created a small oasis for cats who live in small structures. «I take care of them every day, I love these animals», she concludes.


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