Mario Roggero sentenced to 17 years. The prosecutor: «An execution»

Mario Roggero sentenced to 17 years. The prosecutor: «An execution»
Mario Roggero sentenced to 17 years. The prosecutor: «An execution»

Two years and eight months after the robbery that ended in blood, the Grinzane Cavour jeweler Mario Roggero leaves the Court of Asti with a seventeen year prison sentence for two murders, one attempted murder and illegal possession of weapons. But a solid conviction: «There was no alternative. I no longer saw my wife, I thought they had kidnapped her. She is madness, long live delinquency, long live crime. Good signal for Italy”, he becomes indignant.


Roggero chased, shot and killed Giuseppe Mazzarino, 58, and Andrea Spinelli, 44, the two criminals who broke into his goldsmith’s shop in the Gallo hamlet on 28 April 2021. The third man, Alessandro Modica, was wounded in the leg, managed to escape and was arrested a few hours later. The prosecution had asked for fourteen years, the Court of Assizes of Asti, presided over by judge Alberto Giannone, increased the sentence by three years and set a provisional amount of 480 thousand euros, immediately enforceable, to be paid to the families of the three attackers. In his indictment, prosecutor Davide Greco recognized “revenge” and “private justice” in the five gunshots fired by the jeweler outside his shop and moreover with a revolver that he regularly held but could not have taken out. Seventy thousand euros was the loot, recovered in the Fiesta of the robbers who, armed with a knife and a toy gun, threatened the sixty-eight-year-old with death, hit his wife with a fist and immobilized his daughter with electrician’s cable ties. An internal camera captured the action. «In the video you can see Roggero continuing to press the trigger – underlines Greco – He aims at Mazzarino’s head, already mortally wounded. If the shots hadn’t stopped, it would have shattered his brain. What was he trying to defend when he pointed the gun at him an inch from his head? And when he kicked Spinelli in agony? An interpretation always rejected by Roggero’s defenders, the lawyers Dario Bolognesi and Nicola Fava, who had asked for acquittal on the grounds of putative self-defence, highlighting the disturbance following a brutal robbery suffered in 2015 during which he was beaten and emerged with the broken nasal septum. «All the psychiatrists have detected disharmonious traits in Roggero, speaking of “rigidity” and aspects attributable to a paranoid personality», underlined the lawyers. Comforted by the expert opinion of the prosecution’s consultant, who traced the reaction to post traumatic stress disorder resulting from the previous attack. «I found myself more in the conclusions presented by the defense consultants on his full imputability – the prosecutor replied – The reasons were emotional and passionate, Roggero was angry about the robbery. His conduct has a criminal logic: revenge. He violated the right to life to reintroduce the death penalty into our system. By claiming his conduct, he demonstrated that he did not understand the negative value of what he did: he is still convinced that he did the right thing. Therefore, if the law is the same for everyone, then Mario Roggero must get the right sentence.”

Mario Roggero, who is the convicted jeweller: married, 4 daughters, the other robbery suffered in 2015 and the gun license withdrawn. What we know


For the lawyer Bolognesi – who will appeal in the appeal – it is not the one decided by the Court of Assizes, which «did not take into account the pathological psychological conditions of the accused, at the time of the robbery he did not have a correct perception of reality which supports a putative self-defense”. Not only. “The ballistic consultants clarified that the weapon held by Spinelli was indistinguishable from a real one.” Roggero reiterates this when leaving the Court: «He didn’t have a tag that said toy gun, it was a Glock that could also fire gas. They pointed it at me and counted down. Three, two, one, I could have been dead. I am disconcerted and disappointed.” Regretful? «It happened, at that moment there was a big fight. It’s fate, they had theirs. If this is the sentence it means that even the lay judges probably agreed.” The only consolation, he adds, is that «95% of people are on my side, then there are 5% who do the same job as those robbers. Justice? Let’s not make people laugh. It seems to me that the law is not so equal for everyone.” From Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini «full solidarity, Roggero defended his life and his work. The real criminals should deserve prison, not people like Mario.”


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