The crime in Venice, who is the murderer, Raffaele Marconi: “hothead” and lover of boats

Boat enthusiast, model worker, raised in Cannaregio, Caleselle, resident with his wife and his two children whom he adores behind the Ghetto. But also a “hothead”, as some friends and acquaintances defined him.

Raffaele Marconi is in prison in Santa Maria Maggiore, yesterday afternoon he was able to speak with his lawyer, Stefania Pattarellowho collected his version of events: «He went out with his brother, his wife remained at home with their two children.

While she was in San Geremia the two foreigners made some strong comments on her, which they had already seen previously.

A fight broke out and he suffered a stab wound to his neck which did not require treatment in the emergency room.

His wife saw him arrive home covered in blood, she took a towel but when she returned he had left the dog at home and had already left with the rifle.” The rest is the news of a crime. This is the version that the 33-year-old will probably give in the next few hours, during the interrogation.

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Martha Arctic

November 27, 2023

The man, married and with two children, has been working for Pietro Tosi’s Laguna Trasporti e Manutenzioni for several years.

The owner, who won’t see him arrive at work today, couldn’t believe his ears yesterday morning when he heard the news from the newspapers. «I’m in shock» comments the owner «he is my best employee, always punctual, good looking, strong, perfect for this job.

The customers have always been satisfied, he left at eight in the morning and was finished at 4pm, together with his colleague he is our strong point. He is the best of my team, envied by everyone because he is good, passionate about his work as well as about the boats, which he adored. I don’t know why it happened, it’s madness, but now he’s ruined his life, at that age you have to be responsible.”

Speechless was his colleague Andrea Caorlin: «I can’t believe it, since working with Raffaele I have found not only a capable person but also a young man with a heart of gold, the spearhead of the company»

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