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The nephew of ‘Jfk’ who was assassinated in ’63 as a candidate denounces conspiracies

Published:21-11-2023 14:06

Last update:21-11-2023 14:06

ROME – “Sixty years of cover-ups”, with “strong evidence” of a CIA role: to thus reread the American history that began on November 22, 1963the day of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, is a nephew of the American president. He is not just any citizen but a candidate for the White House.
His name is Robert Kennedy Junior and he is the son of another assassinated Kennedy, Senator Bobby, killed during the 1968 Democratic presidential primary campaign. Of the murder of “Jfk”, which occurred in Dallas at the hands of Lee Harvey Oswaldsharpshooter of dubious Marxist affiliations, in turn killed two days later on live TV by the owner of a nightclub, we started talking again close to the anniversary.

There are those who, like the British newspaper The Guardian, have defined it the “first conspiracy”: that is to say the archetype of perfect crime to fuel conspiracy theories never fully corroborated by proven evidence. Even Robert Kennedy Junior knows something about conspiracy.

Candidate for the White House as an independent, after breaking with his family’s Democratic Party, he talked about Dallas and much more. He recalled that his father, Minister of Justice at the time, telephoned the CIA saying: “Was it you?”.

A strong theme is also the Covid, addressed as the founder of his NGO Children’s Health Defense, and as a free thinker: the thesis is that the virus was “designed to target blacks and whites”While “Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese are immune.” In some interviews Kennedy Jr. also said that 5G threatens health, that vaccines cause autism and that antidepressants cause gun massacres.

The latest statements? Concern the elections for the White House, scheduled in a year. “Democrats are afraid that I will prevent President Biden’s re-election, while Republicans fear for President Trump” Kennedy junior said, adding: “The truth is, they’re both right.”

It seems that the chances of “Jfk’s” grandson being elected are close to zero. However, Biden’s election in 2020 was decided by a few tens of thousands of votes, 11 thousand in the case of Georgia. The point then is to understand to which candidate Kennedy jr. it will take away votes: whether to the Democrats, perhaps due to the surname, or to Trump, who in 2020 said he was the victim of a conspiracy, not a deadly one, just an electoral one.

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