«Three years of unfair suspicions about me»

“It was an accident, Unfortunately Lucia died but it wasn’t my fault: She lost her balance and fell out the window in front of my eyes. She was terrible, but it was a misfortune, I’ve been repeating it for three years. I am not a murderer and I have nothing else to add, because anything I say ends up fueling negative speculation against me.” He does not change his version and continues to proclaim himself “completely innocent and unjustly suspected” the 32 year old pizza chef from Verona Christian Treounique investigated on charges of voluntary manslaughter for the never fully clarified death of Lucia Raso, 36 year old sales assistant and theater actress from Verona who was the victim of a mysterious fall from the window on the first floor of her boyfriend Christian’s apartment in Landshut, Germany, where he worked as a seasonal pizza chef and stayed with two Sicilian colleagues. A dated drama November 24, 2020 and matured during what was supposed to be a brief interlude of love for the young couple. Lucia had gone to visit her partner, then 29 years old, for a few days. She had joined him by train in Bavariaa trip from which unfortunately she would never return. The victim would have turned 40 on December 3rd and, while the family is organizing an evening event in his memory on the third anniversary of his tragic death, in the Prosecutor’s Office in Verona the investigations into the drama have reached a crucial stage.

The lawyer: he always answered the questions

A endthat of Lucia, immediately enveloped by countless doubts and questions; a drama on which the investigating judge Carola Musio decided last July reject the request for dismissal formulated by prosecutor Stefano Aresu at the end of the investigation which saw Treo investigated for voluntary homicide, defended by the lawyer Massimo Dal Ben. Four months of time, those granted by the investigating judge of Verona, to carry out further investigations, including a new interrogation of the victim’s boyfriend. «We have chosen to avail ourselves of the right not to respond – reveals Treo’s lawyer – not because my client has something to hide or doesn’t want to collaborate with the investigators. Far from it. The truth is that Christian never shied away from the investigators’ questions and he never contradicted himself or changed his version, he just added further elements as they came to mind, because he was understandably very upset right away.”

Media pillory

For three years the only person under investigation for Lucia’s tragic death «he feels unjustly accused because whatever he says – explains the lawyer Dal Ben – ends up fueling negative conjectures against Treo”. Summoned in recent days by the prosecutor to be questioned further, theinvestigated justified his silence with «deep disturbance who still feels” about this story: “For three years – says the 32 year old – I have been in the media pillory, unjust suspicions and unfounded allegations have been raised against me for three years. But I’m not guilty, I’ve been repeating it for three years. I didn’t kill her, I would never have hurt her. It was a terrible, tragic fatality.”. Boyfriend he feels “on trial” without even having been sent to trial and is now waiting to know the next moves of the Verona Prosecutor’s Office.

In memory of Lucia

In the meantime, «three years after the tragic disappearance, which still has not found answers», Lucia’s family and friends are organizing for tomorrow, Wednesday at 8.45pmin the multipurpose room in via Quinzano 24, in Ponte Crencano, the «Lucy in the sky» evening to keep the spotlight on and not forget. «Numerous Veronese artists, with music, songs and poems, will remember the young sales assistant, passionate about theater and fashion, died in mysterious circumstances that have yet to be clarified – friends observe – There were too many dark aspects about that evening, which led the investigators to carry out numerous investigations. Too many elements don’t add up, such as some wounds found on Lucia’s body that are not compatible with her fall, such as a hematoma under the eye and a broken front tooth.” The criminologist Roberta Bruzzone also dealt with the case, highlighting “contradictions and doubts” that emerged from the investigations. «This event wants to remember Lucia, because for three years we have been waiting for the truth about what happened that evening – intervenes Xenia Sonato, Lucia’s mother, assisted with the victim’s family by the lawyer Enrico Bastianello -. We do not know yet because my daughter fell out of that window and too many things don’t add up. The terms of the new investigations will expire in these days and we hope that new elements will emerge, useful to clarify the facts of that dramatic evening. In the meantime, we want to give her this evening so that she doesn’t forget the cheerful, joyful and interesting girl that she was and keeps attention alive on a story that presents many question marks. Too many”.

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