the forecast for November 21st

the forecast for November 21st
the forecast for November 21st

Here is a week in which you feel strong pressure from the outside, and here I am referring in particular to all those who have their own business or manage a company, or have made important choices regarding the family. Every now and then we should have fun and unplug but it’s not always possible because there are thoughts and even some contradictions that can still happen in love. If you want to push a project and your partner doesn’t agree, a little more patience will be needed.

Taurus weekly horoscope

Love: You are charming, new meetings can bring something new. It would be ideal to spend some time making friends if you are single, but in long-term relationships it is necessary to re-establish a certain balance, one of the two has been ill or there have been problems with money or relatives. If there is something to clarify it is better to speak immediately. However, the bonds with Scorpio and Aquarius are difficult, signs that are agitated and can ruin the good availability of your sky. Work: Now you will finally have the chance to understand how to move, especially if you have a leadership role. Too many responsibilities sometimes lead to the desire to give up everything, even if it is not easy. From now on it will be good to give your best. This is why you should leave no stone unturned to get back into the game. The work situation will be important but some relationships will need to be reviewed. Well-being: You are now more convincing and available. Even if you haven’t overcome many problems that arose in the past, you now face them more lightly. Who is a better master of living from day to day than you? Optimism is one of your strengths, now you have to be positive.

Taurus monthly horoscope

We start with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in opposition, and this can generate minor annoyances. the desire for a change of scenery and to try new paths is urgent but it will be good to keep everything under control and not to panic… let’s remember that this new year is led by two exceptional pilots, Jupiter and Saturn!. So even if there are (or have been) squabbles, controversies or difficult moments, it won’t be easy to lose track. Furthermore, coming from an interesting but heavy October, the majority of those born will have the opportunity to best overcome a moment of apparent stalemate. Feelings become protagonists again, even more so after day 10 when Mercury’s opposition ends. If a love has already been born over the last few weeks we must carry it forward without hesitation, furthermore we are entering a period in which love choices will be easier to carry forward, if there has been an argument over the last few months, November and December will be months that can solve a problem. Even drastically if necessary.

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