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the forecast for November 21st

the forecast for November 21st
the forecast for November 21st

When we have complicit stars we also recover on a physical level, there is more optimism and a great desire to do, this allows us to overcome recently arising annoyances; I have often thought that those born Libra, in addition to having had problems or partial work stoppages, have been struggling to get back on their feet physically since June. Many are looking for a lost serenity and to feel good you need to have loved ones around you, Libra is the sign of a couple, a reference point, a passion must never be missing in your life. Venus in the sign is helpful, if you are surrounded by pleasant people it will be easier to move forward and organize projects for the future.

Libra weekly horoscope

Love: Anyone who wants to experience a pleasant love with Venus in transit can get busy. Affections reserve a pleasant surprise, good if you are looking for a new love or if you want to give a story a more romantic and passionate imprint. It’s time to resolve any problems that have arisen over the last few months. And something new is about to arrive, you are more available and I respect the past weeks. Work: Some discussion, if you work there may be shifts or agreements in general. For the rest, everything or almost everything is overcome, the stars are preparing the ground for a better period of reconstruction. Every decision regarding the business should be made by the end of December, keeping your head firmly on your shoulders or perhaps taking advice from an expert! Some money issues, audit. A very important 2024 awaits you, I’ll talk about it soon. Well-being: Try to avoid over-tiredness. You are likely to experience a decline over the weekend. Even though it would be nice, you can’t do everything you want. Try to approach things with more detachment and only carry forward what convinces you. You have to recover physically since the last six months have really put you to the test

Libra monthly horoscope

We must take advantage of the good transit of Venus which will be in the sign of the 8th, it will allow us to present our ideas in the best possible way, it increases our charm, the ability to be listened to thanks to the way we present ourselves, the range of action can still expand and freelancers must take advantage of new opportunities. However, there is no need to be distracted, it is better to focus only on advantageous proposals. It might be appropriate for younger people to accept a job that doesn’t earn a lot of money for now, but which will certainly bring satisfaction over the next two years. Your spirit of initiative is strengthened and in this month of November you will feel not only ready for the fight, for battle, but more reassured by events. The stars demand deep self-analysis, ask yourself honestly if you are satisfied with the work you do. In long-term couples I hope that the already known controversies have been overcome, issues that have to do with the management of the house, expenses to be decided to renovate or purchase a new accommodation, a transfer. With Venus in the sign from the 8th everything will seem easier to combine, do, plan and carry forward

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