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the forecast for November 21st

the forecast for November 21st
the forecast for November 21st

Money is not a priority for Aquarius but it is normal that there is a need for a minimum amount of financial tranquility to live well. Jupiter opposite has been asking you to save for some time, issues regarding sales and money are behind schedule, and a project that was supposed to start at the beginning of the month is only now being unblocked. Evidently there were other priorities. In some way we need to give priority to feelings, Venus asks for it in a new interesting aspect, and at the weekend, for the most willing or in love, we can already talk about recovering emotions, the loving friendships that a sign likes so much would be preferred. passionate but also far from any form of morbidity or jealousy.

Aquarius horoscope of the week

Love: There will be more passionate days, they reserve surprises. In a general climate dominated by impulsiveness, you will be the one to make the difference, your passion could give rise to new stories, confirm stories from the past. Initiated couples should avoid arguments over money issues. Beware of unnecessary jealousy or bickering that could arise for trivial reasons. Work: There was a stop in the first two weeks of November and now we’re starting again. Pay attention to the initiatives starting now, there will be no shortage of good ideas, those who must bring about a clear change will have favorable stars by the end of the year. It is good to be far-sighted but also realistic; flights of fancy, although exciting, are not recommended. Wellbeing: If you take care of your body and don’t overdo it, everything will go well. Be careful of distractions because your head has been wandering for some time, you have too many thoughts and you need to try to find some foresight in doing the little things.

Aquarius monthly horoscope

Mars continues a transit that causes irritability, the desire to break away from situations considered old. You have proven your worth, now you no longer have to wait, the first days of November see the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus in an agitated aspect, you may be anxious about the outcome of a project. you will be particularly fierce. If you have a part-time business, tension is high because you think you deserve something more, at least a reconfirmation. The second part of November begins to provide certainties. You always have to get angry to get what you want! Often this happens because many take advantage of the fact that you are an understanding person, that you don’t want to have problems and therefore you overlook things. Anyone who has experienced a secret relationship has a great desire to talk and reveal their emotions to the world. This year started badly with money but now we can do it again, many things have changed not only in your relationship life but also in your work and above all in your attitudes!

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