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the forecast for November 21st

the forecast for November 21st
the forecast for November 21st

There are days when keeping calm is not easy, and for some time you have been more nervous, there is a project that is not going as you would like. You may have imagined a program in a certain way, and then, in the end, realized that someone on the outside interfered with your decisions. I continue to think that those who have been doing the same job for years risk less than those who carry out experiments. However, recovery is possible, and love from December will also bring emotions and solutions. The fact of being next to rational and determined people can only create the illusion of feeling protected; but those born in Pisces are emotional, moody, they cannot consider themselves fully satisfied by love affairs in which rationality takes precedence over passion. Imagination and fantasy are two different but complementary faculties and both should be nurtured.

Horoscope of the week Pisces

Love: Contrasted period, wrong to force situations or anticipate solutions. Consider that it is not worth putting a relationship on fire right now since from December your vision of love will be more optimistic. Be careful in relationships with Sagittarius and Gemini who have already been creating problems for a few months, you must not entrench yourself in your positions and remain rigid in your judgements. It moderates nervous tension that can become exaggerated if you think about situations from the past. Work: Don’t go against a boss or a person who can make good or bad weather in your life. It is likely that one of your ideas has developed differently from how you imagined it, this is not your fault but due to the interference of some people who do not understand your real intentions. For now, it’s best to make the best of things. However, 2024 is starting in a very interesting way, the first six months are confirming. I’ll talk about it. Wellbeing: It is necessary to stop, reflect, seek relaxation. There is absolutely no need to act with superficiality, special caution on certain days of the week when tiredness will be felt especially in the evening.

Pisces monthly horoscope

Those who work as employees in this period will be able to obtain some additional advantages, self-employed workers also make plans because a fertile period on a mental level is about to begin, in which good ideas will take off. So those who want to start a new career path will have good feedback between now and mid-2024. Something important can be built. Love stories that have suffered some setbacks in fare a little better in November. Only if there has been a separation will it be difficult to retrace your steps. Old disputes with an ex will be resolved. The sky of love opens starting from day 8. Work, however, distracts attention from passions, and on some days, it will be better not to indulge in some useless controversy. When help is needed in the family you are the first to run, but I wouldn’t want someone to take advantage of this generosity without giving you anything in return. The projects that started quietly in September are now recovering, with better results expected

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