the forecast for November 21st

the forecast for November 21st
the forecast for November 21st

You like to challenge fate, you are intrigued by people who are not entirely available, you like the fight! If you want to complete a project or surpass a goal you know no limits and you are ready to put your body to the test in order to succeed, there is no stopping. It is likely that you have already had victories and confirmations, others will come; this is a good day for relationships. Only Jupiter in an agitated aspect represents the need to put family accounts in order, those who have their own business or a company have already had to drastically review their accounts over the last six months. There is a need to be close to a person who has not been well recently. Here are days that propose a new start, there are those who will start a new program after the stop at the beginning of November; victories.

Leo weekly horoscope

Love: Relationship life will liven up but it must be said that some misunderstandings will have to be overcome in long-standing couples. At the same time, it is not excluded that a person who made you suffer a lot in the past comes back to you with all the inevitable consequences (or retaliations). Take advantage of the week to meet your friends, understand more about a person you like and don’t hold back when faced with opportunities. The stories in crisis could recover, but if something needs to be clarified it is better to talk immediately and not wait for December. Work: Whoever waits for confirmation will have it, victories. However, we return to the center of attention. New initiatives are welcome, those who want to start their own business, those who open a studio… much will be feasible these days, if nothing else programmable with a view to the future. There is, however, a sort of price to pay, those who have a leadership role have to reorganize everything, contracts to be reviewed for money reasons. Don’t give yourself compliments in public, let others talk about your qualities, otherwise you risk coming off as a proud person. Problems at home, you could be next to a family member who is not at peace. It will take effort. Wellbeing: If you have accumulated stress over the last few months it will be useful to seek an ideal diet, under medical supervision. In any case, lately you have been using your body more, there will be days when you come home exhausted. But the important thing is that there is no lack of a certain final satisfaction.

Horoscope for the month Leo

Changes made suddenly, without thinking carefully, could turn out to be wrong. Please don’t be discouraged! Young people looking for a first job can find part-time situations. Leo is a proud sign, it does not accept being second to anyone. It would be a shame to let yourself go into the darkness of anxieties, to become excessively polemical or irreverent, ironic jokes could offend someone. It’s true that you are a fighter but it’s best to try to do everything calmly to avoid being in the wrong with an imposing attitude. Some collaborations may change at this time. November is a month that brings greater resources in love from the 14th, new acquaintances will be favored, on certain days you will feel a great desire to love increase, the passions that arise now are to be lived with enthusiasm, even if they are just simple adventures. The desire to experience a strong, satisfying sentimental emotion leaves no escape from relationships that no longer have any luster

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