“Responsible parents, kids can’t handle frustration”

“Responsible parents, kids can’t handle frustration”
“Responsible parents, kids can’t handle frustration”

After the collective shock over the death of Giulia Cecchettin also the psychiatrist and sociologist Paolo Crepet tries to delve into the twisted motivations that may have moved the hand of the alleged murderer Filippo Turetta.

Crepet and the responsibilities of parents

Our kids can’t handle frustration. They break up with the little girl and go crazy, out of proportion. But this is the fault of the parents who did not teach him. Or rather, who did not leave them free in life to learn it through their experiences, always rushing to protect them.

Paolo Crepet gets straight to the point in the interview given to The newspaper.

For the scholar, parents constantly try to protect their children from the small and large pains of life and this, over time, prevents them from understanding that existence is also made up of suffering and frustrations that must be endured, managed, faced.

Pain master of life

We claim to protect them from everything, we don’t allow antibodies to be created to face challenges and disappointments. Since they were little. Falling off the rocking horse and getting hurt a little is part of life. What do we, as idiots, do? We put the foam around the pony.

Crepet identifies the source of the problem:

… parents are the first to want to be eternally young. And so it is obvious that their children in turn do not grow up.

Finally, the appeal to mothers and fathers:

Moms, dads, be revolutionaries. Teach your children to be free. Let them make mistakes, otherwise they won’t grow up and at 22 they won’t be able to handle things they should have learned to handle at 16.

Crepet and affectivity lessons at school

Finally, Paolo Crepet expresses skepticism regarding the proposals from the political world that would like to introduce affective education as a subject of study at school.

Proposals in this sense came from both the majority and the Democratic Party.

Affection and feelings are not taught in school. They are learned on the street, in the family, everywhere.

Photo source: ANSA

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