Who really is Mia Varrese? age, Massimiliano, mother, Instagram

Who really is Mia Varrese? age, Massimiliano, mother, Instagram
Who really is Mia Varrese? age, Massimiliano, mother, Instagram

Mia Varrese and the daughter of Massimiliano Varrese, current competitor of Big Brother VIP who has been holding the spotlight as the protagonist since he entered the house. In tonight’s episode, Monday 20 November 2023, the contestant received a sweet surprise from Valentina Melis, his ex-partner and mother of his daughter Mia. Let’s find out something more about the actor’s daughter here.

Mia, who is Massimiliano Varrese’s daughter?

Mia Varrese she is the daughter of Massimiliano Varrese and of Valentina Melis. The baby was born in 2017, she has six years and she is the only daughter of the couple who separated a few years after her birth. Ever since he crossed the threshold of the red door of Big Brother VIP, the actor has always spoken of him as his daughter and has always declared himself very much in love with her. Massimiliano Varrese he said that his daughter has totally changed his life, in the sense that since he became a father he looks at life with different eyes.

The little girl is very close to her dad and there is immense love between them. In the last episodes Mia Varresewith the help of his mother Valentina Melissent his father a special message in which he expressed all his love. “Hi dad, you are the best dad in the world, on all the planets. I love you, I miss you but you don’t have to worry because I’m happy with my mother and everything is fine at school. The teacher is good and I learned mathematics, writing and drawing. Sorry but I don’t watch you much on television because I get bored and watch cartoons. I’ll send you a puppet so if you miss me you can hug the puppet, hear the music and fall asleep.”

Following these words the emotion of Massimiliano Varrese it was so much that he couldn’t hold back the tears. The actor spoke of his little girl as his compass and with this word he fully expressed what Mia Varrese represents for him.

Massimiliano Varrese and Valentina Melis

Massimiliano Varrese and Valentina Melis They have been a couple for many years. The two met in 2009 when they played him respectively for a theater show Step and she Babi Of Three meters above the skya show based on the cult book of the same name by Federico Moccia.

Love broke out between them and they were a couple for just over ten years, but then their love didn’t last and after having had a beautiful little girl, named Mythe two have decided to take separate, but still common paths for the sake of their beloved daughter.

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