China calls for a high “urgent” fire in Palestine, not a “pause” like the EEUU

China calls for a high “urgent” fire in Palestine, not a “pause” like the EEUU
China calls for a high “urgent” fire in Palestine, not a “pause” like the EEUU

China’s position in this crisis between the Palestinians and the Israelis differs greatly from the diplomatic efforts of the United States, Israel’s unconditional counterpart. While Washington is mediating a one-day humanitarian pause that allows the release of part of the 240 lands that Hamás maintains in its power, the Government bends over and goes further. claim an alto el fuego duradero who holds the deserted space in the Gaza Strip.

“The international community must be done urgently and take effective measures to avoid this tragedy spreading. China firmly defines justice and fairness in this conflict,” said this month the head of Exteriors Chino, Wang Yi, in response to a delegation of Arab ministers and Islamic countries who in Pekin have called for a high definitive fight for the war in Gaza, a day that has been openly retaliated by the bent Government.

This message has been reiterated by the cancellations present at the meeting, who have complained, not a pause, until the end of the conflict. The Saudi Minister of External Affairs, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, summed it up: “the message is clear. The war must end immediately, we must raise high fire immediately and provide aid immediately.”

Israel must stop on “collective punishment” in Palestine, according to Pekin

At the meeting with the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Indonesia, and Jordan, as well as the envoys from Palestine and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Wang completed the journey towards a military deescalation: “Israel he must end his collective punishment against the people of Gaza and open a humanitarian response as soon as possible to avoid a major humanitarian crisis from occurring”.

Only in this last clause China coincides with Estados Unidoswhich negotiates with Cathar, Israel and its own Hamás, the establishment of a five-day truce to exchange rights in the hands of this organization for Palestinian prisoners, and also to open a humanitarian pass that allows the evacuation of women and children.

But Washington has dejado very clearly. To escape a lasting peace, Israel must go to Hamas, The radical Palestinian group that launched its campaign against the Middle East with the slaughter of 1,200 people in Israeli territory last October 7th.

In a published opinion column this happened in the diary The Washington Post, President Joe Biden he appeared in Hamás with the Russian leader, Vladímir Putin, and he accused both of them of trying to get the world to “a more dangerous and divided place”.

Biden: No peace if Hamás is not destroyed

The president of United States shows in the article on going to a high el fuego, which, it turns out, “is not peace” while Hamás “holds to his ideology of destruction”. According to Biden, high fire will only serve to ensure that Hamás rearms itself, relocates its militants and reinitiates its attacks.

“A result that leaves Hamás in control of Gaza I would perpetuate hatred more than once and would deny Palestinian civilians the opportunity to build something better for them,” adds the state representative.

Without embargo, EEUU, which stands out, as Biden does in his columnthe Israeli side to defend Until the last consequences, it is very ambiguous as to how a Palestinian state can be built when a large part of the territory in which it will be absent has been illegally occupied by Israel.

Also muestra esa ambiguedad now to examine the fate of the Palestinians of Gaza, who hold the top of the air force and so many Israelis and who have paid the price of Hamás with more than 13,300 people massacred until the death of Israel. Among them, 5,600 children and 3,550 women.

More civilians died from Israeli bombs than from Russia in Ukraine

These deaths surpass you, in the 44 consecutive days since Israel launched war against Gaza and began to bomb it, in search of 10,000 deadly victims within the Ukrainian civil population in the 635 days that this month culminated the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

But also, within the mountainous areas of the helmets, swarms and retorted soldiers who bombed the neighborhoods bombed by the Israeli air force and artillery could have, according to the Communications Office of the Government of the Franja, more than 6,000 corpses. It is said that the slaughter of Palestinians by the Israeli offensive would be aimed at up to 20,000 civilians. More than 75% of the 31,000 farmers accounted for as of now they are children and women.

In the same case, 2.3 million Palestinians who lived in Gaza before Israel deserted its arrival, more than 1.7 million have been displaced from their homes, the mayor part hacia el sur. There, the Israeli army needs to concentrate on the gazatíes while it is tough on clearing out the Hamás guerrillas in the north of Franja, an area that Tel Aviv has indicated that it will maintain low control over the time that is precise.

Children are paying the highest price

The immense mayoría of inhabitants of Gaza sufre la food supply, drinking water, medical assistance and energy services minimum due to the bombers and the blockade established by Israel. The children of Gaza “are paying the highest price for the conflict”, indicated the World Health Organization (WHO) this Monday.

As the owner of Palestinian Exteriors reported in Pekin, Riyad al Mailiki, “for Israel, this is the last war to meet with the wars”. Simply “I want to eliminate all Palestinians”.

This is the point of the crisis when China ships as a weight factor very much in agreement with Pekin’s strategy of reaching out to emerging countries, such as those of the Middle East, just where the external politics of United States has less acceptance.

The factor bent on the Palestinian crisis

At his meeting with Al Maliki, the Foreign Minister showed a bow Pekín’s support “to the solution of the two states”. According to Wang, China is a “good friend and brother of the Arab and Islamic countries” and has firmly supported “the just cause of the Palestinian people”. Wang followed Pekin’s commitment to following “movement of the world” throughout the world in terms of peaceful conversations between “multiple actors”.

This is, precisely, the Chinese diplomatic practice that not to taste neither in states nor in Israel. Pekin approaches the Middle East not as a military superpower affiliated to one of the parties, but also as a diplomatic and economic intermediary “friend of the whole world”. And so you are willing to listen to even the bad guys in the film, to Hamás, you can use their good contacts in Cathar or Saudi Arabia to get them on your message.

Before desatarse this crisis, China also maintained cordial relations with IsraelHowever, in Tel Aviv they did not appreciate that Pekin did not condemn Hamás as a terrorist group, even as he criticized the Israeli army for its despicable massacres against the Palestinian population.

The war between Israel and the Palestinians has just ended Pekín has earned a valuable mediator paper in the region, with the understanding of the principles of the year that I wanted to sign the normalization of relations between two of the most irreconcilable enemies of the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and Iran.

In this sense, it is very possible that The Chinese presence is contributing to preventing a more aggressive act in Iran hacia Israel for the destruction of Gaza.

Even at these moments, China does not have a consolidated presence in the Middle East as to become a decisive factor in dissuading conflicts, without embargo, all the world seems I would like to ask for the sent chinosas representatives of a country that, economically, can change a lot of things in the region.

A growing deterrent weight in the Middle East without ports and tropes

Nowadays, China has not been enshrined in a decisive manner in the area, weighing on its real capacity for support in matters of security, financial support or, directly, presence over economic and even political actors. But everything can change This Palestinian crisis could be the detonator of a major Chinese intervention in the assumptions of the Middle East.

One reason is evident for this evolution: China can serve as a counterweight to US hegemonism, from the area between the marked parenthesis at the end of the decade passed by the crisis in the Syria and Iraq crises. A counterweight, the chin, which, among other things, is shown as a pacifist and responsible, in the face of the war strategy of the United States, whose first response to the war in Gaza was to send two war flotillas to the Middle East to cut off any war speed de Iran or his acólito Hizbulá.

It is a double strategy: China appears, from the distance, without walking, like the valedor of the world in development, of the BRICS and other emerging countries, and, on the other hand, highlights the aggressiveness of United States and their efforts to dominate the world with his portaviones and not with diplomacy.

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