“I told you NO!”, Saturday’s demonstration against violence against women and gender

Appointment on Saturday 25 November at 2pm, organized jointly by associations, unions and collectives

The associations that work with women in the area, the collectives, the unions, the LGBTQA+ associations and those of civil society as a whole, with the patronage and support of the Equality Councilor of the Province of Biella and of the Red Benches Table of the Municipality of Biella they propose one unitary demonstration against violence against women and gender for Saturday 25 November in Biella, in via Italia in front of Feltrinelli at 2 pm. The theme chosen for the event is consent.

I told you NO! in Biella

It will be an opportunity to reflect on consent and the freedom of every woman and person to say no, also seeing the latest terrible cases of current affairs: the death of Giulia Cecchettin, the secondary victimization of Erika Preti, the constant incorrect narration of violence, the hearing that it was an “unfortunate coincidence” or “a fight between kids”.

It is not a contrast with the sit in organized by Erika’s parents (Preti, ed.) that we have heard and will join our demonstration which starts earlier and to which obviously all our solidarity goes“, He says Ilaria Salahead of the association You are not alone.

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