Giulia Cecchettin’s death is the result “of a process of denial and control” | Insights, Front page

Giulia Cecchettin’s death is the result “of a process of denial and control” | Insights, Front page
Giulia Cecchettin’s death is the result “of a process of denial and control” | Insights, Front page

The body of was found around midday near Lake Barcis, in Valcellina Giulia Cecchettin. The girl suddenly disappeared on Saturday 11 November. She had been seen with her ex-boyfriend Filippo Turetta: the two allegedly argued and then he forcibly forced her into the car. After that they moved away. The families’ constant appeals were to no avail.

The young man was registered in the register of suspects with thehypothesis of attempted murder. At the moment there are no traces of him. In the material being examined by the investigators there is a video in which he violently attacks the girl. Those who knew him described him as veryshy” but also very “morbid“. For many, he had not digested the end of the story.

Giulia Cecchettin is there 105th woman killed in Italy since the beginning of the year. A few hours earlier she had been shot dead Francesca Romeo while four days ago the same fate had befallen Patrizia Lombardi Vellastrangled in the Caserta area.

According to the report of the Criminal Analysis Service of the Central Directorate of the Criminal Police, between 1 January and 12 November 2023, 105 feminicides were committed in Italy. 82 women were killed in a family/emotional context and 53 of these died at the hands of partner or of theformer partner. Compared to a year there has been an increase.

Two years ago, Michela Murgia on Republic tried to give a definition of what it was and what it is feminicide. Highlighting the many flaws in the Italian system in prevent potentially dangerous situations.

“In recent years the security one has prevailed, with specific laws that intervene however only when the violence manifests itself in a physical or persecutory way. At the center of this vision is the murderer or the stalker and this means that, when the State begins to deal with him, the woman has already become a victim. However, none or very few actions have been implemented to defuse the chauvinistic culture at its base And patriarchalthe one that leads men to consider women their property and women to mistake it for love.”

For the Murgia, take care of the violence and not of discrimination However, it always meant arriving too late. For this reason the term femicide does not only define the death, but also the mortification of women. “Physical death is in fact only possible where civil mortification has already been permitted, that is, all the denials of physical dignity, psychic And moral aimed at individual women as such and at all women in their gender”.

Finally, the writer explained that feminicide, before and more than a death, “it is a process of denial and control. ‘I’ll kill you’ is his conclusion and it only becomes more than a threat when all other words and actions have already been acted upon.”

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