Kove 800X Adventure, Adventure Pro and Rally: prices, power, weight

Following the success of the prototype presented at EICMA 2022, for 2024 Kove drops a trio of aces, presenting the new Kove 800X Adventure, Adventure Pro and Rally. One motorbike, three versions, which however do not differ simply in graphics or accessories, each of these has a well-defined identity and aims to respond to specific needs.

Kove 800X Adventure

The gateway to the Kove adventure world is represented by the Kove 800X Adventure. The technical equipment makes this motorbike a touring adventure in the purest sense of the term. The engine, shared with the other two versions, is a 799 cc inline twin-cylinder capable of delivering 96.5 HP and 80 Nm of maximum torque.

Kove 800X engine

The chassis, characterized by a steel frame and aluminum swingarm, relies on a fully adjustable suspension package with 210 mm travel fork and monoshock with progressive linkage capable of ensuring 210 mm rear wheel travel.

The standard equipment it includes is definitely complete tubeless wheels, traction control, ABS that can be switched off on both axles, steering damper, protective bars, aluminum engine guard, full LED headlights and TFT display with mirroring function for the smartphone.

Kove 800X Adventure

Kove 800X Adventure Pro

For those who are not satisfied with the “standard” version, the answer could be the Kove 800X Adventure PRO. The starting point is that of the Adventure, from which the Pro fully inherits the engine and design, differentiating itself in chassis and equipment.

Kove 800X Adventure Pro

Net of the steel frame and the 21″ front and 18″ rear tubeless spoked wheels, the Kove 800X Adventure takes a departure from the “banal” Adventure thanks to the fully adjustable suspension by Kayaba capable of ensuring 240 mm of wheel travel and to the braking system, again with ABS that can be deactivated both front and rear, with radial front calipers working on 320 mm floating discs.

Added to the standard equipment of the Adventure are the quickshifter and the original equipment tires which for the occasion are Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR.

Kove 800X Adventure Pro

Kove 800X Rally

The Kove 800 Rally represents the jewel in the crown of the 800X family, the forbidden desire, at least on paper, for those who love off-roading. For the Rally the Chinese technicians have chosen not to make compromises, eliminating everything that is not needed off road.

The two line of Adventure versions is confirmed, as are all its features, except for the power which goes from 96.5 to 95.2 HP and for the final ratio which has been shortened to have greater body at low revs.

Kove 800X Rally

As for the chassis, the double front disc of the Adventure leaves room for a single 310 mm disc with radial caliper which aims to guarantee smoother braking for driving on terrain with poor grip. Obviously also in this case the ABS can be deactivated on both axles. The suspensions, always fully adjustable, grow in length bringing the wheel travel to 270 mm at the front and 250 mm at the rear and the ground clearance to 293 mm. Other? The central spoked wheels, with an inner tube like real off-road motorbikes, accommodate knobby tyres, with a 140/80 rear.

Kove 800X Adventure, Adventure Pro and Rally technical sheet

Adventure Adventure Pro Rally
Displacement 799 cc 799 cc 799 cc
Bore x stroke 88mm x 65.7mm 88mm x 65.7mm 88mm x 65.7mm
Power 96.5 HP at 9,000 rpm 96.5 HP at 9,000 rpm 95.2 HP at 9,000 rpm
Couple 80 Nm at 7,500 rpm 80 Nm at 7,500 rpm 80 Nm at 7,500 rpm
Chassis Steel diamond Steel diamond Steel diamond
Headstock inclination 26.15° 26.15° 27.15°
Front suspension Fully adjustable Yu-An fork Fully adjustable KYB fork Fully adjustable Yu-An fork
Front excursion 210 mm 240 mm 270 mm
Post suspension. Fully adjustable Yu-An monoshock with aluminum linkage and swingarm Fully adjustable KYB monoshock with aluminum linkage and swingarm Fully adjustable Yu-An monoshock with aluminum linkage and swingarm
Rear wheel travel. 210 mm 240 mm 250 mm
Wheels With tubeless spokes With tubeless spokes Spoked with inner tube
Tires CST – Ant. 90/90-21 – Post. 150/70-18 Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR – Ant. 90/90-21 – Post. 150/70-18 Ant. 90/90-21 – Post. 140/80-18
Wheelbase 1,502 mm 1,510 mm 1,436 mm
Saddle height 835mm/845mm 865mm/875mm 895 mm
Ground light 245 mm 275 mm 293 mm
Tank capacity 20 litres 20 litres 19 litres
Odm weight 183kg 185kg 169kg

Kove 800X Adventure, Adventure Pro and Rally prices

At the moment we don’t know how much the Kove branded adventure bikes will cost, although, given the competitive prices of other bikes from the Chinese brand, we expect them to be in line, if not lower, with those of possible rivals.

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